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HIstory Channel Biggest Machines and the LOtto..


Last Edited: September 26, 2007, 5:31 am

This is not the first time i thought about it, i've been thinking about it for about 2 years now...If you ever seen the History Channel Biggest Machine on your TV screen, you will marvel and feel small at mankind's Ingenuity...And this is exactly what's been going on in my head....YOU all may not know but i suffer from Paranoia...And EVERY TIME...Please you have to believe me...EVERY TIME, i am going to say this again....EVERY TIME, i watch the HIstory Channel's World Biggest Machine, it leaves me with the mouth open, again IT LEAVES ME WITH THE MOUTH OPEN, WITH THE JAW DROPPED, Everytime i watch that show, I Feel small, because i mean THERE IS SO MUCH INGENUITY, some much BRILLIANCE, so much GENIUSNESS, in the way they built those Colossal machines...And it has me thinking: "If they could built such machines that INDEED require geniusness, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THEY HAVEN'T BUILT THE GOLDEN FORMULA, THE ALCHEMIST FORMULA, THE GOLDEN WHEEL, THE ALCHEMIST WHEEL, THE HOLY GRAIL FORMULA/WHEEL OF LOTTERY...WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THEY HAVEN'T or even more what makes you THINK MANKIND CAN NOT BUILD IT IF HE/SHE SO DESIRES...When i see Particle Accelerators, how they build a gigant Ferry with is proper computer brain, How they build Skyscrappers, the biggest flight simulators by Nasa, How they construct the biggest Airplane in the world, stuff like that, it makes you wonder if they haven't crack the lotto yet...Which i think they have...And to think that trying to crack the lottery is easier than building a gigantic ship, all is require is programming skills, math knowledge and inginuity...I'll tell you something that recently happened...Recently i bought a lotto system from ebay for 9 dollars, and in there the author showed me a way on how to look at the lottery in a totally different way, a whole new tactique that i didn't know about, using a very simple method (whether is the winning tactique i don't know) but what i am saying is just the same way i didn't know about this tactique, there are things out there that we may still don't know...This is why you see me sometimes saying that "The Truth is Out There" theme from the X-Files, except that i believe that Someone out there, Mankind already has a way to crack the lottery (except pick3 and pick4), except that they are just keeping it secret...LIke how i've said before, all you need to crack Powerball is to WIN IT ONE TIME, ONLY ONE TIME and then you invest the rest in the stock market and you can make your money from there; instead of winning every lotto in the world and raising suspicion (I call this cracking the lotto the responsible way, you and i are mostly irresponsible we want to win every lotto out there..LOL)...I Swear i deeply believe this...LIke how i said before the Holy Grail of lottery is a wheel size 32 with 40 to 60, 3out of 4 on a Pick4/33 + pick1/31 for Kentucky Cashball...MY Dad and mom and everyone around me tells me this...They tell me that the same way i am so into the lottery and i am trying to figure out a way to come up with a formula, they tell me that there is a MILLION GUYS JUST LIKE ME Trying to figure out the same thing...And guys What if there were indeed 1 million guys just like us trying to figure out the lotto...What if there is a couple of programmers in Silicon Valley trying to come up with the next big thing, come up with the next software that will crack any lotto? EVERY Time i hear news about silicon Valley i know there are programmers in that area trying to come up with the Holy Grail of Lottery...I know, is even better I AM CONVINCED that such action have had to come up in their every day conversation at lunch at one point in their lives...I know that each of those programmers of Sillicon Valley at one point in their life or another HAVE HAD TO HAVE SEEN A Powerball Drawing and thought" Jee, if i could only write a program to win the lottery"....And you probably didn't know this but just like there are 1 million guys just like me in the U.S trying to figure out a way to crack the lottery, there are more worldwide...Why? because in the U.S there are other ways to be rich beside striking the lotto...But in most parts of the world, the lotto is the only way or one of a handfull of ways to be rich...For instance take italy, i know they don't have a Stock Market like the U.S, there is no Silicon Valley over there, those guys have got to be thinking on figure out the lotto too...In my native country is like 90% of the population plays the lottery and if 90% of the population plays the lottery what does that tell you? That there are lots of people who will like to win the lottery and strike rich...



Entry #50


Comment by pumpi76 - October 15, 2007, 1:54 am
My question to you is: have you seen how they create seiko watches (the company in Korea or Japan i think)...Is an incredulous immense job...

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