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Swinging back to the illusion of normalcy


Last Edited: April 7, 2005, 8:39 am

First encouraging news in a while from Power Ball last night.  It appears to be backing out of the dark room where it's been held captive for the last while.













Was the prettiest sight I've seen in a while.  Things had seemed to be log-jammed, numbers not repeating, due numbers hanging around whispering to one another, peeking out of the ether, arguing about who could hold out the longest before having a climax.  Now they're getting behind on the conveyor belt, gonna have to catch as catch can.

I'm referring most particularly to these: 





Eight went due February 23/26.  Fifteen, February 19/23.    And 44 has been running from the law since February 2/5.  The weird thing about them hanging out there so long with serious bills due is that it seems to break up the patterns of all the other for a long while.  It wasn't quite so bad when 1 and 6 did it early December and didn't appear again until February 26 and March 19, respectively.  Got so a person let them slip his mind, not thinking of them as bail-jumpers, instead of just background music.  But then 21 pulled the same trick, took off for the tall timber on January 12/15 and hung out in the honky-tonks and back alleys AWOL until February 12/16, when it came back in for a hot meal and a shower, then bounced again until March 19.

But look at all those repeats in the last two draws.  Finally getting things straightened out up there in the ball coordinating headquarters.  But that new kid in the mail room with 8, 15 and 44 is going to have to pull them out and deliver them before things can level out completely.  Just admit he screwed up and face the music.

Meanwhile, the weather was awfully nice here yesterday.  Wind died down, maybe because the numbers are finally getting their act together:

Anyway, hard to find fault with a world where all those 17s, 11s and 5s are popping their cookies like springtime bunnies.

Been reading some of the blogs by other people on this DB.  Makes me think I need to get some enemies here I can talk uglies to in my blog, and who will talk uglies back to me in theirs. 

Whew!  Strange reality we've picked to spend a lifetime in.







Entry #10


LOTTOMIKEComment by LOTTOMIKE - April 7, 2005, 11:34 pm
thats something.....i've been playing 11,15,18,35,44.....

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