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How you can make 7,000+ Dollars a month in Each Central Americacountry


How you can make 7,000+ Dollars a month in Each Central American Country...


I was going to pursue this choice, but i gave up (because i didn't have much money to start one up)...If you make a Website for Personals like True.com, EHarmony.com, etc but native of each central american country, you will be successful...All you need is 1,500 members and you charge them 5.00 dollars each month...YOu know they got Websites of Personals/Classifieds and i've seen them, and they all charge AT LEAST 30 dollars A MONTH...So if thise Websites of Personals have 1,000 members, they are going to make 30,000 dollars every month, but something you didn't know...SOME (and it wouldn't surprise me if they were most) WEBSITE OF PERSONALS HAVE AT LEAST 1 MILLION MEMBERS so that's 1 million members times 30 dollars...A lot of money in U.S standards...And in Latin America there are like 1 website of Personals and they are covering all latin America; they are not indigenous of one particular country...But what i was talking about is creating a website of personals that is indigenous of a particular country...For example, let's take Panama..Panama doesn't have a Website that is unique of Panama, that's indigenous of Panama...Believe me you wouldn't have trouble getting 10,000 members and charge them 5 dollars a month (Only in Panama is not including all of Central America) But let's be compassionate and say that you wouldn't have problem getting 2,000 members for your webste, Multiplied by 5 dollars IT IS STILL 10,000 dollars a month: LOTS OF MONEY...And something tells me that South America doesn't have this Website of Personals, some countries may do but not a lot...

All you got to do is charge members 5 to 10 dollars and you cut the competition...So for instance if you get 1,500 members in Panama and you charge them 5 dollars a month, you will make 7,500 dollars a month IN PANAMA which IS A LOT IN PANAMA and is ONLY INCLUDING PANAMA IS NOT INCLUDING CENTRAL AMERICA...All you got to do is advertise your promotion or membership on the locals newspapers which might be like less than 75 dollars a month...LOL...So if you include central america you will make like 7,500 X 7 Central American countries which equals = 52,500 DOLLARS A MONTH YOU WILL MAKE...And this is not including countries in the Carribean like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and Jamaica...which will equal  75,000 DOLLARS A MONTH YOU WILL MAKE...And this is only taking into account 1,500 members from Each country!!!!...Now imagine if you get 5,000 members from each country? That will be 5,000 X 5 dollars X 7 Central American countries = 175,000 DOLLARS A MONTH YOU WILL BE MAKING...And if you include Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic & Jamaica it will be 250,000 dollars a month you will be making....If you are not sure about the idea, let me remind you of the population of Central American countries....

Panama: 3, 300,000

PUerto Rico: 4 million

Costa Rica: 4, 468,000

Nicaragua: 5,500,000

el Salvador: Close to 7 Million

Honduras: 7million

Dominican Republic: 9, 700,000

Guatemala: 13,300,000

And per country you are asking for 1,500 members at least for your Website of Personals/Classifieds...C'OMON

But the key word here is that the website must be indigenous of the country, it must be native of the country, it must mention areas otherwise overlooked by Personals Websites...And you must make Propaganda/Publicity in the newspaper claiming you are a legit native company and not a foreign company...

And i just thought of something, there are more countries in the world who i am willing to bet do not have this, I am going to try and entice you by showing you all countries population:

here is the website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_population

to be continued...

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blackscorpionComment by blackscorpion - October 21, 2007, 1:12 pm
Very interesting...I think you might have something here. i might check this out

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