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Conspiracy Theories.....


Conspiracy Theories.....


I believe there are 1 major Conspiracy Theory...I think that's the biggest conspiracy in the world...
Is done By Big Bussiness Corporations...
I think there is a conspiracy by Bussiness corporations to charge the most to customers and keep them down always consuming wasting money, maybe the government is down with this too...Example...If you notice cars that fall out of style by 4 to 7 years they continue to sell them at a cheaper price and you may not find them at the dealer but at places that sell used cars...Now ask yourself the question..Why do they not do that with cell phones, computers, Camcorders, etc (I am not talking about selling used cell phones i am talking about selling or still making not too old technology, technology that is not brand new) (I am not talking of what you find in a flea market)...Cell phones that are 3 or 4 years old, they do not make them any more or they don't have a store that sells them (i don't mean cell phones that are actually been worn and used for 3 or 4 years) I am talking about NEW cellphones that 3 or 4 years ago where been sold new and were top of the line, but today they are not top of the line because they are replaced by a new top of the line..(That's what i mean)...Same thing with cam corders, ALL the camcorders that they sell now have a little small screen that you can see who you are recording...But what happened to the camcorders that you have to look through the tube (the small ones not big ones)...They don't make those/them anymore...The only place you may find 4 to 6 year old technology are in flea markets and pawn shops...And i know that there are people that will still like to buy those technologies...Again let me reiterate that i am not talking about used stuff, i am talking about new stuff that 3 to 4 years ago where in the number one spot, they were top of the line 3 or 4 years ago but today are no longer because they are been replaced by top of the line stuff...Right now the thing is, if is older than 2 years we don't produce it anymore or get rid of it....
Same scenario applies to computer...in 200-2001 i saw on the newspapers some computers that back then they were the latest thing...Now they will not sell you those computers because the 2006-07 got more speed...But the 2000-01 were damn good ones what happened to them? Why don't they still produce them...They would cost less money....Those computers then would cost you around 7, 8, 9 hundred dollars...If they made them today they will cost you around 200 dollars...Why don't they still make them? Because they want to flood consumers with newer things and make them pay the higher price...They know that if they sell computers for 200 dollars lots of people if not the majority of people will buy them because they are new just that is doesn't have the latest speed or computer chip....And you know what happens? Only the people that can afford the 2000-01 computer price are going to buy them, use it completely wear it off, and then buy the computers that are 2007..While the poor can't afford to wait until they lose value and buy the 2000-01 in 2007 for a cheaper price and new too...Same applies to laptops...I mean there are things that we should have to worry if they are not new, there are things like clothes that yeah we want to have the latest fashion and cars but a laptop and cell phones? I don't understand....And why they don't recycle computers and cell phones and camcorders?
what i am saying is that they pay attention too much to innovation and to the latest thing is sickining....
What about the phones? if a phone is 3 years old is considered old , it may be new but because is a 3 years old technology people dispose of them...They got phones that are 3 years old and are very small...And instead of making people spend money foolishly every year on the latest gadgets, they could use that money to do something constructive like charging people for insurance, all kinds of insurance...And i am not talking insurance that you pay monthly, but a very low yearly insurance that may cost you as little as 250 dollars a year instead of buying a 300 dollar cell phone...(you don't know how much i hate cell phones)...
same thing with videogames, why don't they still make nintendo64 how about the console named family? it is a very DAMN GOOD VIDEO GAME & CONSOLE, and i am sure there are people out there that will still like to buy them for their kids...And you may say, oh well maybe is because we are in the U.S.A? It happens everywhere in the world..Here in Panama it happens too...
I call this innovation...
Or why not 1 single store that sells 3 year old technology or 5 year old technology across any country....I am sure lots of people will buy them...
Another example is my TV and my computer...MY computer has a Flat Screen, and my TV is a Flat Screen...My computer screen doesn't not weigh anything, while my flat T.V (the new ones) are heavy as hell, weights like 2 tons...And nowadays you can watch TV in your computer.....I am sure Some company can make a TV with the same materials they make the computer screen and make it as light as possible....If resolution is compromise a bit, well what's wrong with that...People don't go and buy TVs thinking in the latest resolution; something tvs strive for...
Maybe 1 or 2  things are not practical to continue making like the old T.Vs that i am sure some of you may still have but a lot of use wouldn't like (i am talking about the heavy butt bulging tv)....
and what do bussiness try to do? They try to lure you and bombard you with ads selling you the latest thing....
and finally i am going to say that there is a conspiracy to keep you the way you is chained in debt because you like to buy the latest thing....
And there are metals and Rocks...You've heard right  ROCKS!!!, that people save and cheerish and buy at luxuriously expensive dollars......
And they don't cheerish things like video games, (which should be cheerish a lot and save like relics)...Example is the family video game (it came after attari and before nintendo).....
I love the nintendo64 and i hate the playstation1, 2 3 4, and xbox, the smaller video games too (the ones you can carry on your hand) etc and all modern video games, and consoles, that's why i don't play video games..MY favorite video games (console) were of the nintendo64, Nintendo, SuperNintendo and family (i like zega but zega didn't have a lot of games)...I hate laptops and i hate cell phones...
We should cheerish video games consoles and their games for centuries to come...
And then they don't have games that have shooting with helicopters and ships shooting at  each other on the playstation and xbox, not on Nintendo, Supernintendo, Family, Nintendo64....Most games are racing and people shooting and killling each other but not helicopter or ship shooting at other ships/helicopters/forts....
Second Conspiracy: : Why don't they have a software that can translate automatically all the languages in the world to the desired language...I am not talking the softwares that they try to sell you that claims they can translate from one language to the next yet they miss small details when translating...I am talking a sophisticated software that can translate languages to other languages and pays attention to the smallest tiniest detail to 0.000001 margin degree of error....Why they don't have that software and have it available on the internet or make it come on with your computer? because they don't want to unite the world but instead want to keep the world separated...(is another conspiracy theory)....Why doesn't Bill Gates for example does this since he calls himself the world richest man and owner of microsoft? Because he is too busy wanting to mantain his position as the world Richest man...Is not just Bill Gates but the richest people in the world...Why not the third richest guy in the world that's from mexico and who they call "Slim" because all they care about is making more money...
Supercomputer Translating Software: Or why they don't have a supercomputer connected to the internet that can translate all the languages in the world...A supercomputer could certainly pay attention to inflexction of languages and minute details when translating if thought how to...
Why don't they do this? Because there is a conspiracy  theory THEY DON'T WANT TO....
to be continued...
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TenajComment by Tenaj - October 19, 2007, 9:04 am
My technology beef is with Microsoft software. They run the show, but it's not a conspiracy. You just have to be a well informed consumer and do your homework before any major purchase. Microsoft are the biggest, and wealthiest, but try to get code to display correctly in IE on a web page. Granted you have to do a hack for some of the other browsers and code works in most of the other browsers but you always have to do a hack for IE. Why is it that IE is always the one you have to do the hack for.

It's like Microsoft try to force you to use only what they have and what they have is not always the best or innovative. They always test their software out of the consumers. I'll get Vista when the bugs are worked out.

"XP means extra patches", I heard a programmer say once. When I got XP - Microsoft Office 97 no longer worked. XP corrupted the files and crashed the computer. I had to go in a tech forum for a hack. I didn't want an updated version. What I had is all I needed.

What really got to me was Microsoft Office 2007. I go way way back with Microsoft - back to the early eighties and I've always gladly and smoothly changed with them. You have to change - right.

But when I saw that -do do- they have for Microsoft Office 2007 the inconvenience was so annoying. I was like WTF. Everything is different and no option for the classic version.

I had work to do. I didn't have time to learn an entirely different software just to do simple stuff. They were all drunk sitting in a bar when they designed it. So there they go again with the force. I didn't do my homework before I bought the new version. If I had I wouldn't have bought it. I would have held out until I had to change. I never expected Microsoft Office to change so drastically alien without an option.   

I mean it doesn't remotely resemble the latter. They have this thing called the ribbon rather than the toolbars we'd all had come to know. What you knew about Office no longer existed, except the universal keys. So I learn each feature as i need it. But what can you do but suck it up and join them.

The sad thing is that you have to pay for it. It doesn't come standard when you buy a computer anymore.   

As far as tech products changing so often, I love it. Technology in the computer, cameras, phones, games, big box stuff, cars, etc. are consumer driven. It's us who do it. We bring it on ourselves with what we desire. They are our toys. I'm guilty. I want the Wii and the IPod. In fact I'm going to get a Wii. I'm anxiously waiting for Christmas. I want to play with all of it.   

Even as a child we always wanted the best toy to show off and play with and the corporations take advantage of that consumer desire by giving us exactly what we want.
justxploringComment by justxploring - October 19, 2007, 12:50 pm
I never have trouble with old software running on a new computer. I have XP and MS Office 97 runs just fine. I use Excel, Word and Powerpoint. By the way, Open Office is free and it's just as good as MS Office. I prefer it to MS Office and it works well with both Win98 and XP and you can convert any document you create to .doc.   I am sorry you ran into trouble, Tenaj. I admit I'm pretty dense when it comes to computers, so I am not sure what you mean by doing a hack, but I've always downloaded the newest version of IE without a glitch and I also have other browers if I wish. They're all free. I do know a couple of people who had trouble with Vista with peripherals. For example, some printers that say "Vista compatible" won't work. However, now companies like HP have new drivers available on their web sites. I agree that it's good to wait, because I've read there are still a lot of bugs. Maybe it's because I don't use my computer for complex applications, but for years I upgraded an HP with a 266 processor that came with Win95 and 32MB of RAM and it still runs like a top, although I rarely use it now because I have my laptop.

People always seem to target MS but what hasn't changed? The average consumer trades in his car every 3 years (or less) yet most of them will run for 10. People buy the latest gadgets all the time - it's just part of consumerism. We live in a capitalist society which has its flaws for sure, big ones, but I certainly wouldn't want to live in a communist one.

Pumpi, I am not going to spend the time defending billionaires and list all the wonderful things Bill Gates has done to help the sick & needy, but the Gates Foundation has given more money to charities, including computers to the underpriveleged, than any other organization in the world - more than all the Walmart heirs combined. I also find it ironic that on a lottery board where most people want to spend a dollar to retire so they don't have to work for a living, that rich people should everything everything away.

I do agree that big business wants more business. That's the name of the game. After all, if businesses in this country (or any other for that matter) didn't sell things, the entire industrial world would collapse. Imagine if nobody ever bought new tires, new batteries, new appliances, new carpet, new cars, new clothes, etc. how many people would lose their jobs from the top marketing executives to the people in purchasing, shipping, accounting and the secretaries and the front desk receptionists. I've worked in 2 furniture stores that closed because of the housing slump. When the construction companies stopped building homes, a lot of people were laid off. At one job, a couple of men moved heavy items off the floor and loaded trucks all day. I know it's a tough job, but I once I heard them complaining about the rich people who shopped there, and I reminded them that they were the only reason any of us had jobs and to pray they keep showing up everyday. If people stopped taking vacations, staying in hotels and eating out at restaurants, I don't know what would happen to Florida's economy. There wouldn't be one.

I am sorry I have been so general and didn't address the exact issue you are discussing here. I just had a little trouble understanding your point. However, it doesn't matter whether you are talking about Bill Gates or any other business owner. My point was that a billionaire developer could give houses away and it would cause hundreds of others to lose theirs. McDonalds (which also does a lot for needy & sick children) could give free food away and then the franchise owners and their employees would lose their homes. Your statement about Bill Gates having the goal to maintain his position as the richest man is absurd, at least to me. I doubt if he even thinks about it when he gets up in the morning. Of course business owners & top executives love their elaborate lifestyles, but they can't simply start giving everything away for free, although they do give a lot as I above mentioned. It's because of their commitment and obligation to shareholders, to their employees and to their communities to continue to profit by being innovative. Most consumers purchase new items because they want to, not because they'd die without them. I realize it must be tough for working parents to keep up with all the expensive "toys" children need to compete in today's world, but computers are available at most schools and at every library and there are programs for low income families.

I believe there are a lot of conspiracies in government and even in big business, but I disagree with most of what you wrote in your blog. Oh - you said you hate cell phones. Why? I wouldn't take a trip without one. They save lives. That's why the police issue free cell phones to seniors to dial 911 in an emergency. Regarding laptops, I don't really like them either. However, they have changed our world, especially higher education. They have also made almost everything we do more efficient, but that depends on your occupation.

I do agree with you that the tycoons of this world love being at the top and want to make money. That drive is what got them there in the first place. However, I disagree that it's their main goal. Free enterprise, managing a business successfully and keeping it profitable are not conspiracy theories.
justxploringComment by justxploring - October 19, 2007, 12:55 pm
Sorry that there are some typos and words missing. I am taking an online course today and signed on to LP during a break, so I rushed & rambled a bit as I typed. I think I made sense, but I just reread it and some words are missing. I must have messed up somehow.   Take care. Peace.
four4meComment by four4me - October 19, 2007, 11:52 pm
Production companies make parts for all sorts of things and when the order is finished they start on newer orders. if for instance they ever need parts for older models then they would start a new contract and do a production run. large manufacturing company's aren't in the business of making older parts for passed over models they are in the fore front of the technology and concentrate on making newer things because the world people are asking for better stuff.
TenajComment by Tenaj - October 20, 2007, 2:17 am
Justz my computer brand, year had special problems with XP and Office 97.
justxploringComment by justxploring - October 20, 2007, 3:07 am
Tenaj, as I said, I don't really know a lot about software. I still say "the thingy." I was only saying I haven't had any problems, not that you didn't. The time I really got annoyed was when I had trouble finding an ISP that was compatible with Win95. For some reason, I had to upgrade to 98. Also the processor was too slow for DSL. After a while it's wasteful to upgrade unless it's just a hobby. My laptop was purchased in 2005 and after only 14 months I had problems with it. As long as I don't move it anywhere, it's fine. (kinda defeats the whole purpose of owning a laptop!)

Four4me, I totally agree with you. Wish I could have been as brief and to the point. :-)
four4meComment by four4me - October 20, 2007, 11:29 am
Pumpi Wrote: If they made them today they will cost you around 200 dollars...Why don't they still make them? Because they want to flood consumers with newer things and make them pay the higher price...They know that if they sell computers for 200 dollars

You can buy a new computer for just under 300 bucks today and it has a fast processor and will handle most applications. Cost of a PC is dependent on many factors including memory size graphics and and other internal goodies.

Sometimes you make mountains out of molehills without using common sense. It's not big business that at fault it's the consumers that want the best and latest stuff. They don't want old junk.
konaneComment by konane - October 20, 2007, 11:57 am
The system of bigger and better toys is called capitalism which furnishes jobs to people worldwide so they can feed their families. Monetary incentives of that system spur inventions and innovations which help the world as a whole ... I'd hate to think where we'd be without innovation and discoveries especially in the field of medicine, many times paid for by drug companies.

Memory capability seems to be the highest ticket item in all new electronics, to perform more functions they require more memory.

My opinion lotteries are the greatest form of capitalism on the planet ... anyone anywhere can realize an instantaneous "profit" on their investment in a ticket.

Translator which works for me, even for whole web pages:


Firefox has several free add-ons you can download so communication and understanding of one another is getting much better globally.
x1kosmicComment by x1kosmic - October 20, 2007, 5:14 pm
Hi Pumpi..., about 15- 20 years ago I heard the term "Throw away society"   If you'll notice.... You don't see alot of T.V. repair shops, or V.C.R. repair any more, They're cheap enough now to where, when they go bad.... you can just go and buy a new one,   Same thing with Games and computers and stuff, The price is just abuot right with today's, economy... (not that me or you can afford it every day) when things like t.v's go bad.   Personally, I have to save up a little if I want a New Toy, and I'll bet you do too.                    ....just trying to help.
justxploringComment by justxploring - October 20, 2007, 7:23 pm
x1kosmic - good point! Pumpi, hope you don't mind if I make another comment. In 2004 my tv "blew up" and I went looking for a new one. Just to get someone to my home to look at it (if it was fixable) would have cost $75 plus parts & labor. I had already lost 5 days of work because of the hurricane so I wanted something inexpensive. I had been watching a 25" RCA for 8 years. When I first walked into Circuit City I felt as if I had just entered a different universe. Of course I heard of plasma and LCD, etc., but I just sat down with my mouth open and watched a cartoon! I ended up buying a Magnavox 32" (regular tube) that's perfect for $289. More recently, I had a cell phone that I bought in 2002 but the TDMA network was discontinued in July so I had no choice and got a new flip phone. It was free with a 2 yr contract, but is has a camera, a radio, and internet, etc., etc., that I'll never use. So I do know what you mean. When I grew up, we didn't get a new pair of shoes when the heels wore out or the sole got thin. We went to a cobbler a few times until the shoes were no longer repairable. Back in 1975 I couldn't hold back the tears when I was in a shop when I saw the price of wedding gowns and hired the tailor at a bridal shop (it was our secret) and had my sister's dress totally altered at her home. Wish I still had the pics - the gown looked gorgeous...all lace, long train - cost me $50 bucks! People want new and what I said & Konane wrote before is very true. Capitalism provides jobs. Jobs feed and house people. But I know what you mean.
TenajComment by Tenaj - October 20, 2007, 11:07 pm
Exactly Konane.

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