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It Ain't Vegas


I went to the Caesars Indana riverboat casino yesterday morning. It seemed a little weird going to a casino way out in the country on the banks of the Ohio River. There was a steady stream of vehicles going up and down Highway 111 to and from Caesars. I'm sure that little rural road never saw so much traffic in all its history before the casino came along. 

I was struck by a few things. (1) They certainly must have poured a massive amount of concrete to build that place. (2) I didn't see any of those overjoyed gamblers who are so prominently featured in their advertisements. The facial expressions of most of the patrons I saw looked like they were just about as happy as if they were serving a life sentence in prison. (3) The air quality in the place was terrible. It smelled like stale cigarette smoke, and my eyes began to burn after a short while. It was also starting to give me a headache before I left. (4) Being on the boat was like walking around in a multi-level shoe box. There were no windows or doors with outside visibility.

I played around on a couple of slots until I became so bored that I had to leave. That didn't take very long. The first machine was some video slot called Risque Business - a 9x9 slot. I made money on that one and put away the profit. Then I went to a rather tight video Keno machine and played the rest away. There's something about Keno that fascinates me.

There were plenty of flashing lights, bells, free (soft)drinks, pretty waitresses, slot machines, and table games. Even though they owe me $10 (They welshed on their promise to give me that much in free slot play.), I probably won't be going back. Southern Indiana just ain't the same as Las Vegas. It was just boring.

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