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New Lotto Options Combinations Stock Market: Idea..


New Stock Market: Previously i said that they needed to invent a lottery that will resemble a stock market or viceversa...But i overlooked one aspect of it...In the Stock Market there are 20,000 stocks...In pick4 there are 10,000 combinations...But in Pick4/Cash4 you need to match 4 numbers...In the Stock Market there are hundreds of stocks winners...What an advantage...Also, in Pick4 you can win with 1 dollar...In the Stock Market you need more than 1 dollar to be a player...That's why i say someone needs to invent a system like the Stock Market or like a Lottery but with 20,000 thousand options/stocks/combinations and where there is more than 100 stocks/options/combinations that are winners, and where you can play it with 1 dollar....If they invent something like that, it will be bigger than Myspace.com...It will be something so great and wonderful for the entire world...And the greatest thing about this Lotto STock Market or Numbers Stock Markets or Dollar Stock Market or Options Stock Market is that it will be equal everywhere in the world...What i am saying is for example the Lotto/Numbers/Dollars/Options STock Market in Japan will be the same as the Lotto/Numbers/Dollars Stock Market in Nicaragua...It will not be like current situations where the Stock Market in Japan is more affluent than the Stock Market in Nicaragua...So i say someone needs to come up with this invention...I don't know how i could have overlooked such aspects of difference....Continuing with the comparison, Pick4 is too narrow too hard, where you need to match 4 NUMBERS out of a field of 10,000 combinations...It doesn't give you a break...I was also thinking of a Lotto/Numbers/Dollars/Options Stock Market that will play Once a day...And you may say that if you play Pick4/Cash4 100 times is the same as drawing at least 100 options/combinations/stocks but NO is not the same....Is better to draw more than 100 options/combinations/words at once...I still don't know how is going to work...I don't know maybe draw words....And just like in the U.S Stock Market they take out of you so much taxes, you can do the same thing with this Lotto/Numbers/Options/Dollars Stock Market...What i am saying is it could work...

to be continued...

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