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run of pairs repeating & low unique count in CA Fantasy 5


There were 16 unique numbers in the last six draws for California’s Fantasy 5 on 10/29/07, that is an all time low in the table I’ve built that records its daily count.  It has the last 3300 or so observations; one day I’ll get around to back-filling the rest of the dataset though 3300 will do for now.  The related fields in the table tend to show that when a low unique count shows up, there’ll be “replacement” or turnover, where numbers that haven’t shown up in a while fall back into favor.  The way more interesting metric is that there’s been a huge run of pairs of numbers repeating in the last 13 draws and it could recur yet again on 10/29/07.  I’m going to be playing my pesos today by only playing the last  5 or maybe even 4 draws only and that pairs or three numbers from x (1 – 6) draws back will repeat yet again. 


DateDraw1Draw2Draw3Draw4Draw5Draws BackActual Pairs
10/28/077121635391,2,3,935,39, 16,39, 7,35, 12,35
10/26/072101625392,3,72,16, 2,25, 2,25
10/24/07231623241,92,23, 2,23
10/23/072232527344,5,8,92,25, 2,27, 2,23, 23,25
10/20/073111215284,612,28, 11,12


In a post from a few months ago, I mentioned that all 5 numbers will have been picked from the last 4 draws, well that occurred on 10/14/07.  No I didn’t win on that day, it snuck by since I was playing a slightly different strategy.

On the programming side, I did get further along on building code for wheeling or generating all combinations of 5 from a pool of 15 numbers.  A simple version is working; I’ve got to expand on it for it to be useful.  I just got sidetracked with so many other things.  Plus I think I’ll adapt it for pick 3 games first as a way of getting the overall concept working on a faster timetable…. this is just a brief update on the previous blog.  I have more building and writing to do on that topic as well.
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