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Remote Viewing: What works better...


i am writing this because i saw a post about it...The post was about remote viewing...I don't believe remote viewing works...I know the CIA use them, but i don't think they use them anymore...I might believe someone with SPECIAL ABILITIES telling me some stuff...But i don't think anyone can just go ahead and turn on their remote viewing channel...Yeah i know we have the most advanced supercomputer in our head...Now i read the post saying that anyone can just concentrate and turn on their remote viewing channel to see what's going to be the next winning numbers...

I believe however that there is something that works better than that...I believe that if you take the 10 most hottest lottery numbers of the lottery game and you wheel them you will have a better chance at winning the lottery than just anyone with remote viewing (i said hottest not hotter)...Leave that to the experts (people with special abilities)...I'll like for anyone to be able to turn on their remote viewing channel and be able to win the lottery...I sure will like this to be true...Not because of the money, but because of proving that every living being is special including animals...This way they will stop hunting animals like tigers, etc and possibly in the future genetically ingeeneer animals to walk on two foot like us human and think like us...I believe that in the distant future (1 million years from now) the possibility of genetically ingeneering animals to walk on two legs like us humans and think like us is more real than i believe that a guy in a movie can fly in a broomstick with magic (harry potter)...But enough with this going back to remote viewing....

I know that we live in a quantum world but that world applies to infinitesimal minute things...I also know that there may be a number of duplicate universes as there are people in the world...Something that i believe can work is dreams...Dreaming the future...But i believe dreams will never be exact, they will always be close to the actual thing, and not exactly the way you dreamt it..This is why dreams should be interpret as been close the the actual event and not been the exact event...So you may have been giving a gift by God called dreams..But is not when you want to remote view something but instead when the it (the dream) wants...So you may have been giving a small window to remote viewing but you can't turn it on whenever you want...Ask yourself the question...Imagine if you was Don Cheadle in the movie "Mission to Mars" and you were left alone in the Red Planet (Mars), you think you will be able to remote view and so to speak send an "Instant Message Thought" to people here on Earth letting them know that you are alone on Mars...I don't think so..This is why you should let remote viewing to the experts..And they haven't done more experiments with remote viewing or people haven't voice testimony of remote viewing just at will by anyone (different than leaving it to an expert) enough...At least dreams in the history of civilization many people have claim that they have dreams that became real/true..But not remote viewing at will by just anybody...Remote viewing at will by just anyone is something that just recently became hot...I'll like to state that i believe that remote viewing at will by anyone is different than remote viewing by someone with a special ability..When i say that leaving it to an expert, i mean leaving it to someone with a special ability for it....

Going back to the core of this article...I believe there is something that works better than remote viewing at will by just anybody...And that is if you take the 10 maybe 11 most hottest numbers of a particular lotto and wheel them, you will have a better chance at matching the six winning numbers than to try remote viewing at will by just anyone...I believe it requires patience...And you should examine your 10 or 11 hottest numbers wheeled against previous draw history (i don't know build yourself a software that can do it or do it the hard way: by hand)...If you notice that 4 of the hottest numbers have played together, select 4 more hottest numbers and leave those 4 hottest numbers that have played...They already play, the likelihood of they playing again is so remote...Same thing is 3 of the hottest numbers have played together...I believe this has a better chance than remote viewing at will by just anybody..

I am looking at lotterywheels.com and i notice that to wheel 11 numbers that will give you 5 tickets having 4 out of 6 will cost you 11 dollars..But because the RANGE is VERY CLOSE together/very small (11 numbers), the guarantee will be clustered together and give you a better chance at getting a couple of 5 of 6 and perhaps 6of 6...And if you duplicate it and play the wheel twice (22 = 2 X 11) you will have more than a couple of 5of 6 (like 4 of them) and perhaps the 6of 6...The only problem is that this will take patience (the jackpot may come in a year or more), but i believe that's better than just trying to remote view something at will without having a special ability...






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Comment by pumpi76 - November 6, 2007, 3:16 am
However, i have to admitt that i believe that in the future, perhaps 1 million years from now with the aid of supercomputers and quantum physics theories (and maybe with the help of encryption theories), they will be able to know what someone is thinking..

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