Don't forget....


.... to turn your clocks back tonight — no more daylight savings for the year.

(For most of us anyway.  Those in parts of Indiana, Arizona, and Hawaii don't have to deal with it tonight.)

Speaking of Windows Vista earlier, if you had Windows Vista, you would see a friendly message like this:

Daylight savings ending.

(This is a screen grab from my computer a few minutes ago.)

Don't you wish you had a computer this friendly?  You could if you upgrade to Vista.

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Avatar emilyg -
Thanks for reminder. Spring forward - fall back.
Avatar tntea -
Thanks.. My computer does this for me.. and my cell phone as well. Now if I don't forget the most important.. The alarm clock...
Avatar Tenaj -
Don't you wish you had a computer this friendly?

Todd, XP does that as well.
Avatar LottoVantage -
"Don't you wish you had a computer this friendly? You could if you upgrade to Vista".

Well, the reason I didn't order it on my new computer is the many problems they are having with it at my wife's place of business. Also, viewing all the problems customers are having with Vista on the DELL help forums.

I decided to wait until at least the first upgrade comes out and hopefully they can eliminate most of the glicks they seem to be experiencing with the first issue.

Thanks for the time change reminder!
Avatar Todd -
XP does indeed set back the clock, as do many other electronic components, such as cell phones. I don't recall XP explaining to me in plain English that the clocks will be set back. I think my words were misinterpreted. *Of course* XP turns the clock back. It would be fairly worthless if it didn't. Vista has these kind of helpful notes, and its help system in general is *much* better than XP's. Hopefully it is clear now what the point here is.
Avatar spy153 -
Thanks for the reminder. My ME version tried to change the clock back last week when it was originally scheduled. Why did Bush do that again? Anyway, I did almost forget since my computer always reminds me, there was no reminder today.
Avatar Todd -
It's actually congress that changed it. It would be very uncommon to veto something like this.
Avatar spy153 -
You're from New Jersey? I did my basic training there at Ft. Dix. You close to there?

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