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Video Games Systems: They ought to...


Video Games Systems: Now they got video games system and they cost too much....Like 500 dollars and up for them...And the cheapest video game system is the game cube and it cost 125 dollars...And it looks like it would be soon replaced by another system more expensive...And if you think about it the game cube didn't used to cost 125, is now that it cost that because it has fallen off fashion...And my point is that 125 dollars is for the cheapest video game system... Like anyone can afford that...They used to have the Nintendo64 and it costed me 50 dollars but they don't have it anymore...And that's my memory because i really don't remember if the Nintendo64 costed 78 dollars or 50 dollars...What they need to do is: THEY NEED TO COME UP WITH A VIDEO GAME SYSTEM THAT COST 25 TO 50 DOLLARS, for the average citizen in the world; for the the masses or for the less fortunate...Maybe everyone in the U.S.A has a playstation but is NOT THE CASE AROUND THE WORLD (The Third world and developing world)...Not only they need to come up with a video game system that cost 25 to 50 dollars but they need to come up with a video game system that cost less than 15 bucks, for the ones that really can't afford it...And the thing is that video games system didn't used to cost that much money if you start from the inception of the Atari...And the "Family" which came after the Atari, used to be fine but they don't make them anymore...They don't even make the Nintendo64 anymore...Right now is just the PlayStation and the Xbox....Talking about Bussiness Monopoly...And ask yourself how many people can afford 200 or 300 dollars? 200 dollars is a car payment...Right now some stores here in Panama sell a system called: "Funstation" that cost 6 dollars but the problem with this system is that the controls mess up so quick and the cable of the controls is not that long...The controls are worse than the "Family" system, which used to mess up in a short time but at least they will last longer than the "Funstation" controller...

to be continued...

Entry #59


TenajComment by Tenaj - November 5, 2007, 9:35 pm
Too funny. I was cracking up the whole time I read this. Yeah, video games systems are way too pricey.   I laughed because purchasing a video game system is a luxury and you sound so sincere. Like you really meant it and they were messing up your fun. A true tirade. I think Mercedes Benz are too expensive too. They ought to bring down the price to at least $15,000.
Comment by pumpi76 - November 6, 2007, 12:53 am
And what happened to the idea of built in video games? Remember Atari, Family, NIntendo used to come with built in video games? I even think SuperNintendo came with built in video games...But now everyone ones to sell a video games separately to make money...Talking about taking advantage of the consumer...I don't worry too much about Mercedez Benz because there is a car better than the Mercedez Benz and that's the Toyot Sequoia (with the correct rims and tires and in grey turning light blue)...And is safer than a Mercedez...Same thing with BMW..If i couldn't afford the newest Mercedez i'll get me the newest BMW (in black) (that's assuming i had to money to pay it)...But again if i was going and get me the newest BMW, i might get me instead the Toyota Sequoia...Also, you now can get a used Mercedez for a low price, like even thought you may not get the newest Mercedez you can get the previous version for 8,000 dollars used...I am happy when it comes to cars because i can get me what i like for a low price and don't have to worry too much about luxury but instead what i like...I could even get me the Toyota or Lexus LandCruiser in white, very dark green or black with the correct tires and rims...But now you are supposed to be environmentally friendly and that takes a way the fun out of the equation (more responsability as a citizen)...
Comment by pumpi76 - November 6, 2007, 1:06 am
Yeah they mess up my fun, because i don't watch TV except for the news, and the simpsons (cartoons), i don't play chess, and in the computer i only go to 3 websites only nothing else...

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