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code project to generate all possible combinations Phase II


(this is a continuation of the other Dev log that chronicled the first 14 hours of starting a tricky project in my spare time, after weeks away doing life’s other things and bits and pieces of tech work)

      Due to the complexity and processing overhead involved with generating all possible combinations of 5 numbers in a pool of 15 numbers, I put it on "hold" temporarily and switched to programming the infrastructure for all combinations of 3 numbers where the range of numbers is between 0 – 9; your standard three draw lotto game.  The version one starts with generating all 1000 possible combo's with a separate switch for choosing the number of odd numbers to filter the 1000, as well as a function to specify the SUM range (of all three numbers added).  It is again using ASP.NET and a SQL Server 2005 database; one the big technologies for building Web based applications that can communicate with a SQL Server 2005 database online.  I was able to change gears (from the 5 draw code) and get the smaller scaled project done and launched ( the v1.0 version) done in about 6 hours (it is up there and FREE).  I was able to get a lot done rather quickly since I was able to inter-mix database stored procedures and code in a few classes to extend what a database can normally do.  Along the way I added a couple of User Defined Functions in the SQL Server 2005 database; this will open the door to other metrics being efficiently added in the near future.  I'm going to be coding as much as I can leading up to the holidays and then see where I'm at.  I’m pretty sure I can expand the current project and have something working by end of Thanksgiving weekend.  I hope to have the Ilya Bluskov (sp?) combinatorics book incorporated, though later. 


For the 3-draw application, there’s a function for returning the Odd count, another for the sum of all 3 draws (75% of the time the sum is between 6 and 19 when adding all three digits for CA Daily 3), a checkbox list is there that filters the criteria for all three numbers, where selecting 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in the checkbox list will return all combinations of those numbers and nothing greater than 6 in the result set is returned.  In the near future I’ll add a Multiple Select List box to return a “Kitchen Sink model” where all criteria can be return in a huge record-set.  Tester's for this 3 draw application, as well as new suggested metrics to code are welcome.

Since I have the 3-draw example working, I am now ready to return to coding the 5 draw engine; the rough part is that I’ve got to iron out sticking points and try some new methods along the way.  Picture a jeep stuck in the mud, or maybe it’s more like pushing a big rock or two up a hill.  It’s a strange, frustrating kind of fun.  More to be written along the way, once I figure out the way.
Entry #5


RJOhComment by RJOh - November 21, 2007, 12:59 pm
Have you checked the free program Maybelle Quick Pick at Lotto-Logix? It may do every thing you want. It's a left over from old Maybelle lottery website that closed down a few years ago.
LottoMiningComment by LottoMining - November 22, 2007, 8:14 am
Thanks for the reference material. I wanted to work through some different pieces of ASP.NET and SQL programming. I did get about 4 more hours of progress on it, and got a basic version working. I am at the point of running queries for all possible combinations of 3 for each record in the table that has all combos of 5 from a pool of 15 numbers (3003 records), as a way of getting “balanced” where each number in the pool of 15 is part of a triple an equal number of times. I’ll do it for the combos of two and try to find other “properties” along the way so your info will help. I’m hoping to get more done over the long holiday weekend.

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