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Truth or Truth?


Last Edited: November 12, 2007, 4:24 pm

Just philosophizing a little bit about truth and existence ...

Ostensibly, we can verify much as being objectively true in this reality. But what if objectivity itself is subjective?

I can assert that I objectively exist and believe it to be objectively true, but it presupposes that there isn't an even larger subjective framework that encompasses that very objectivity rendering it as an actual (and from our present location a non-perceivable) subjectivity.

I guess we must accomodate the possibility simply because we can't know. Thus, objectivity is not verifiable is it? And if we can't verify objectivity itself then how can we verify "truth"? (Everything in this reality determined to be objective truth may actually not be.)

I mentioned above that I objectively exist... but maybe I don't... or maybe I actually both do *AND* don't exist simultaneously. How can that be though?

(I don't mean to necessarily bring a supernatural being into this, but this is the only thing I could come up with so readily.)

Let's boldly imagine that outside of our so-called "reality" there exists a supernatural being who is having a dream. Have you ever had a dream with people in it that you didn't know and had never seen before in waking life? I'm sure I have. Unrecognized generic "characters" inside your dream that don't have any actual existence in the real world. Let's imagine further that we (you and I) are inside the dream this being is having and he doesn't recognize any of us. (We're just generic "characters" populating his sleep.)

The being knows (when he wakes up) that we existed inside of his dream, but he also knows that we no longer exist now that he's awake. From our own frame of reference right now we objectively exist, but if we are actually inside the being's dream, we objectively *don't* exist (from the being's own frame of reference when he's awake) and never did. Since we can accomodate this scenario as a theoretical possibility we're forced to regard our own present objective existence as an actual *subjective* objective existence (in the absence of verification for the objectivity's intrinsic objectivity).

So, from our presently limited frame of reference our ostensibly objective existence here is merely a subjectively objective existence (until we can confirm the objectivity of the objectivity) and that very same subjectively objective existence may also be simultaneously an objectively objective non-existence (if indeed a dreamer is dreaming us).

Maybe "existence" is a coin [the "coin of the realm(s)" as it were] with objectivity struck on one of its surfaces and subjectivity struck on the other and thus "truth" is really represented by a dualism of existential opposites.


Entry #7


Grumple DumpleComment by Grumple Dumple - August 14, 2012, 2:53 pm
"Huh?" I ask myself....

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