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 Several newspapers reported today:

Four transplant recipients in Chicago have contracted HIV from an organ donor. The patients also contracted the Hepatitis C virus. 

I was very surprised to read this in 2007.  Back in the 80s a close friend was infected with HIV during an emergency blood transfusion, but that was when testing was in its infancy. 

Since transplant patients often wait for years praying for an organ, and many die waiting for a compatible donor, this is the cruelest twist of fate. 

I'm not blaming the Iraq War for this tragedy.  After all, contracting HIV or Hep C from a transplant is extremely rare.  However, where are our priorities when it comes to Federal Funding? 

"President Bush is willing to spend endlessly for the war in Iraq, with money borrowed largely from foreigners, while refusing to invest in important priorities here at home, like children’s health care, medical research, local law enforcement and homeland security. President Bush should stop playing politics and work with Congress to pass legislation that reflects the needs of our middle class families here at home."  Democratic Caucus's Senate Journal

Of course we need to protect our nation from terror and oppression.  But we first need to be strong in both mind & body or we will crumble.  When its citizens have to choose between buying home heating oil or prescription medication, it must be hard to have confidence in our leaders who make empty promises.

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Avatar jarasan -
President Bush signs appropriation bills in order to fund anything, they come from Congress, usually with a lot of LDL fat mostly in the form of pork. I recommend a person read these bills before using Democratic talking points as a basis to form an opinion. If a lie is repeated enough times one will believe it. This is the best way to get informed on who is zooming who.

With regards to the HIV, Hep C donor, the "medical professionals" who harvested the organs, (probably was car accident donor) coulda shoulda have done a check on the individual but when it comes to fresh organs, time is of the essence. HIPAA is road block to this type of information being readily available. There are a lot of people who want their cake and eat it to. The current adminstration has a task force looking into unifying HealthInfoSystems info so this stuff doesn't happen at all.

Guess what adminstration passed HIPAA? Yep, you got it the Clinton admin. HHS stuff, lawyers shielding themselves from other lawyers, so it isn't really Bush's fault those people are REALLY sick now, it was Bill and Hills fault.
Avatar justxploring -
I won't argue with you, but medical information is NOT private. Try telling an insurance company it can't have access to your medical records.

Anyway, the organs were tested. If you know anything about HIV, it doesn't often test positive for months. My comment was made because, with improved testing, we might be able to detect it sooner. At this time, even if someone contracted HIV a few weeks ago, it might not show up in a blood test.

Of course the doctors test all blood and all organs donated, whether the donor was killed in an accident, murdered, or died of natural causes.   Your statement was inaccurate.
Avatar justxploring -
Ooops - I started out by saying "I won't argue with you" because I am in a rush and need to get off the internet. Then I argued with you!   LOL
Anyway, this has nothing to do with HIPPA - where did you get that? It has to do with the time lapse between when a person contracts a disease and when accurate the test results are available.
Avatar justxploring -
I mean HIPAA.

Avatar time*treat -
"Our priorities" are irrelevant. "Our" job is to pay "our" taxes and STFU. The farmer doesn't care about the cow's opinion on the use of its milk. The President's children will have all the health care, law enforcement, and anything else they need. Their home is plenty secure, too. :-) If we want to protect our nation from terror and oppression ... we're REALLY going to have to change who we vote for. Most peoples in the histories of most nations were oppressed by their own government rather than by an outside force.
Avatar ToadSchmode -
"If a lie is repeated enough times one will believe it"
Kinda like the WMD's we were told about over and over again , which led us into a 12billion a month make shift war. That money could be used to better our homeland.
Avatar jarasan -
TS, Just like the lie that there weren't WMDs and Saddam really was misunderstood. Ask the Kurds about WMD's or the Syrians where they are, maybe ask Nancy Pelosi when she went to Syria maybe they showed them to her.

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