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Lotto Movie: The Price of Cracking Pick3..


I was watching this movie that it was about finding a treasure in the bottom of the ocean with Jessica Alba...After the movie finish they said that about 6 Billion dollars worth of treasure lies in the bottom of the oceans...And i thought

Why they don't make a movie about cracking the code (pick3)...?

Here is the results payouts of different days of Pick3 for the state of Ga: http://www.galottery.com/stc/games/winningNumberResult.jsp?game=cash3

If you notice there are moments when the payouts go from 200K to 1 million dollars on different days (I think is like on average)...

Now let's assume that you cracked the code and you was to claim 25,000 every day (Assume you had your network of helpers to do it)...You multiply 25K times 365 days of the year and that will be 9million 125 thousand...multiplied times 5 years will equal to 45 million 600K...Times 4 (20 years) it will equal 182 Million 500K...And that's taking into account 1 state...If you multiply by 38 states that i am assuming have Pick3 (I guess it is 38 state, i don't know) then that's 182 Million 500K x 38 = 6 BILLION DOLLARS, 900 MILLION...Again this is all theoretical, i know everything will not go like that, you may not win every day, you may not be able to afford to play on every state...

So you will make in a 20 year period almost 7 Billion dollars...What if you have another 20 years to spare....You get the picture...And that's just YOU, how about the people that you leak this secret of cracking the code (pick3)? Is more money to be rake...

What's my point? My point is that there is sort of speak (theoretically), so much milk that you could milk the cow (the state), what i am trying to say is that there is so much potential if you were to indeed find the Holly Grail of PIck3, more so than all the treasures of the oceans combined..

And knowing this fact, i don't know why they don't make movies about someone finding the Holly Grail of Pick3 or Pick4...Remember that's only counting pick3 is not counting pick4...Even if you were to win instead of 25K, you was to win 12K or 6K everyday, you still will rake more money than all of the ocean's treasures combined... And if Pick3 is here to stay for centuries that's not counting what your great,great grandkids will rake...And yet they haven't made a movie about it yet...I still don't know why....Another note, even if you were to win not every day but every 3 days or 4 days YOU STILL WILL MAKE more money in your lifetime than all of the treasures in the bottom of all the oceans combined...(forgot to mention that this is assuming you could hit straight pick3)

Another thing to note, the money from the treasures in the bottom of the oceans have to pay taxes i think while the fountain of cash from getting it straight on pick3 if you are really smart, wouldn't have to pay taxes (you could play 1 or 2 tickets on each gas station this way you wouldn't have to pay taxes)....And what looks easier, even though is not: trying to get Pick3 Straight from 7 hundred and something combinations (I know is 1K combinations but if you are really smart i think i gets down to 7 hundred and something, but i don't remember for i did it a long time ago) or going with a boat circuling every square metter of ocean (or should i say scuba diving every square metter of all the oceans of the world) in search of finding 1 TREASURE...Just finding 1 treasure i think is immensily hard, now trying to find ALL OF THE WORLD'S OCEAN TREASURES...You know there is more water in the oceans than there is land)...

And i don't know but i think that all the treasures that needed finding have been found, i really don't think you can find more treasures, there may be 3 or 4 more left but that's it...I compare finding a treasure to a deal "Volvo" did like a year ago..And that was that they were going to burry 1 volvo undeground somewhere in the world, and if you could find it it was your...And what if they burried it in Siberia or Antartica? Who would get there...And just to think that some part of oceans in the world are not navegable a good part of the year...

And my point is even if is science fiction, there is theoretically more money that you can suck up from the state or milk from the state from finding the Holy Grail of Pick3 or Pick4, than you can let's say find one treasure on the bottom of the ocean, let alone all the treasures on all the oceans of the planet...So why they haven't made a movie about it, why they haven't made a movie about someone finding the Holy Grail of Pick3?

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justxploringComment by justxploring - November 16, 2007, 1:12 am
There's a difference, Pumpi. Finding treasure on the bottom of the ocean is very possible, but winning the lottery and finding the secret code --- well that IS science fiction! LOL

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