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A time to be planting


Last Edited: April 15, 2005, 7:08 pm


Sunny afternoon here.  Light breeze, nice day.  I'm thinking the wooly mammoths mightn't have to worry about another ice age after all, coming along and freezing them solid one spring day with a bellyful of new bloomed flowers in their burgeoning tums, a giant bolus in their goozles, still in their mouths half chewed.  No long centuries of icepack half a mile thick to have to shovel, no Rio Grande filling the valley washing down frozen Coloradoans to thaw and stink a thousand or ten years from now when it begins to melt.

Yeah, it's a nice day here.

I was supposed to go help Mel's ex sift through the ashes of the basement of her house that exploded about the time he was exiting the vehicle, her at the hospital instead of back there getting blown up and burned, but now thinking there might be a few things that can be saved in those ashes..a keepsake or two.  We worked a day on it a week or so ago and found enough to keep her crying as we worked.

But she had some other pressing business, so I'm sort of at loose ends.  Intended to work on the irrigation ditch out back, but just couldn't muster the inoculation for spring fever.  Watched an eagle soar over the village for a while, looking to pick off a chicken or housecat, figured to come back inside and work on the Road Runner numbers, just testing out various methods and patterns.

But I haven't.  Just feeling entirely too laid back for my own good.  Worthless, today, as that old tomcat lying over there snoozing and not feeling the least guilty about it.

Guess I'll move him off the couch and take a nap.



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