How To Use The Pick 5 and the Magic Square of SUN/MOON



This thin post is just to whet you appetite to encourage some more exploration. You will not be disappointed as you look at the Pick 5 in totally different light.


As some of you know there are seven magic squares of the planets. Basically Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon each has a Magic Square.  For more complete info go to:

The magic squares have "mathematically magical" properties. One of these properties is the fact is that each square equals the same constant or number whether you add the numbers horizontally, vertically, or the center diagonals. For example lets look at the Magic Square of the Sun:




Each horizontal and vertical line each add up to the constant of 111. 

Also each of the two longest diagonals starting at 1 and ending at 36 and the other starting at 6 and ending at 31 add up to 111.

If you add all the vertical lines or add all the horizontal lines you end up with 666.


There are speculations that the magic Squares, besides having interesting but simple mathematical manipulations like the one above, they have no other use. Through the centuries there were speculations that they could be used in astrology or to even predict the future among other uses.

The jury is still out, but I there be a way to reconcile the Magic Square of the Planets with the Lottery games. 

Even though I may sometimes use practical esoterica to explore things conceptually, this does not have to be an esoteric endeavor. Lets make it simple... 

I believe in Correspondence. Quantum physics implies that no matter how obtuse, everything in the universe is connected or corresponds to each other.  In a word, this is why I propose that there may way to reconcile the magic Square of the Planets with the Lottery games. Even though the Magic squares were not invented for the lottery, they can still be used in the lottery. Like I said, everything corresponds, so to put it crudely I  could have used a computer algorithm, crystal ball,  or even a dream to predict numbers for the lottery. Again, I'm being a little crude, because its a little bit more involved than this, but you can use anything. Of course what you use has its own way of communicating and that is the tricky part. You have to figure out its language. 

I've noticed that the Magic square of the Sun may be used for the Pick 5. There are other squares for that may be used for this game or the other games, but let's focus on the Magic Square of the Sun, which again is:

Lets use the New York Pick 5. The Total combos for the Pick 5 of 1 - 39 numbers is 575757 combos. Remember that the total sum for the Magic Square of the Sun if you add all the rows or columns is 666.

Divide 575757 by 666 and that equals 864.5:

575757/ 666 = 864.5 or 864 or 865.  You see that 864? To me 864 is also 314(PI), if you mirror the first 2 digits. Also...You see that 865? To me that 865 is also 360 or 365 if you mirror a couple of digits. Isn't 360 a circle. Isn't 365 the number of days in the year. 

You know what this means? 864.5 Magic Square of the Suns equals 575757. If you know that 864.5 Magic Square of the Suns equals 575757(864.5 X 666 = 575757), how can using this template help you to figure out how to predict numbers for the Pick 5?


Another Correspondence: Observe that each line of the Magic Square of the Moon equals 369. As a significant sidenote for future thought, 369 also equals 314(PI) if you mirror a the last 2 numbers.

The whole Magic Square of the Moon equals 3321.

Now If you numerically compress the combos for the NY Pick 5 of 575757 to

575 + 757 = 1332

you will notice that there is correspondence between the 1332 of 575757 and the 3321 of the Moon's Magic Square . They are in fact the same, because if you "travel west" on the numbers and "moving 180 degrees" 3321 is also:

3321...3213...2133...1332. Viola! The Magic Square of the Moon can correspond to the NY Pick 5 as well.

By the way, I'll try to talk about the usefulness of numerical compression as I did with 575757 - 575+757 = 3321, and "traveling" on numbers as I did with "going west on  3321" in a future post. 

I hope I've at least stimulated some of you...I did say it was a thin post, but I'll look to offer a few more ideas about this in a future post...There is one SUPER-HUGE thing about those squares I am bursting to share, but not now. I haven't played with it enough...

Again, I just mentioned all the above to whet your appetite and inspire you to explore and see correspondences in general, and the Magic Squares in particular, and possibly use them to inform your picks.

There may be some, who will doubt all that I posted and declare its all rubbish. They would be right. There are some who would say that this magic square thing is not rubbish and they would be right. Yes...they are both right, because their awareness creates their reality, and those two realities cannot exist together in the same place(space)...

Happy Explorations... 

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