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Totally disappointed...


Last Edited: December 6, 2007, 4:54 am

Today it was a bad day for...I was hoping todd will put an rea where people can make prediction that involve precting the following: Sums, which type was coming E/O,what's going the the the next draw: High over low, High ending digits over small ending digt, the Fives (5's) would be 1-5;6-10;11-15/16-20) starting digits (oppositve the ending digits), the 10's same as Fifes but of 10....do that it could give player in their respecitive state hav some kind of goal where is it that they want to tak they predictions too, This is not for the experts.....But i was told NO, they couldnn't do it, it could not be possible....What a dissapointment...

Thos were the predictions i wanted to make...

Now how am i going to make my predictions...

I want to make predictions because i was getting tire of talkin in the discussion board....what kind i say...Ang God know what i've said bout the predition board is more important than a lot of stuff now happening but they just don't see it that way....If there was one thing i wanted to talk more bout what that...nothing else matter...but what can i say...

Entry #77


Comment by pumpi76 - December 7, 2007, 10:27 pm
What Todd don't realize is that you do more damage to the lottery by parameters prediction..In numbers predictions how many times do the numbers are correct, less than 1%...but because parameters prediction way easier than predicting regular numbers you will get it correct more often..And when mass number of players play parameters predictions and are correct winners are bound to happen very often something like 70% depending on how many people play the parameters prediction...

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