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my secret joy


It is my secret joy to come to Lottery Post, browse thru the forums, post a comment or two - anonymously.

Then I go to the Blog section, go thru the titles, read some entries, may post my thoughts - anonymously.

And finally, I come to my blog, put my hair down, throw caution to the wind, and away I go, revealing the recesses of my mind - anonymously.

Isn't that fun.  Feeling invincible while wearing the armor of anonymity.

Mike Huckabee.  Yes, that's the name that entered my mind right now, so that's what I'll talk about.  Haven't heard the name till he joined the list of presidential hopefuls.  Heard him during the first GOP debate, and was impressed.  He was articulate, eloquent, and knows his audience. 

I heard him again before the National Rifle Assoc.(NRA).  Again, he was very good.  No doubt he is a good speaker and looks presidential.  I wanted to know more about him so I googled him.  Now I'm considering him to be the one I'll support, maybe.

So far, I am not excited by any of the GOP candidates.  I'm sure however, that Rudy Gulliani will not be getting my vote.  No sir, I think he is short- tempered and intolerant and married many times.  I don't know why, but he repels me.

Well, that's all for tonite.  Myu-myu, my kitty is curled up on my lap as usual.  She'll wake up when she hears the computer logging off.  This little animal is my joy, too.  But it's no secret.



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