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Does anyone know what agency I should contact and the address or telephone number for reporting telephone fraud?  I just checked my voicemail on my cell phone and a man left a message saying "This is Conner Jenkins from Data Com Research.  It is imperative that you call me immediately about your credit card balance. The minimum payment is going up and we might have a solution that can help reduce your debt."

Believe me, this call is not real.  The telephone number he gave is (800) 210-2935.  The number on my cell phone shows as (231) 732-2413.  Interesting - I just googled this number and this is what I got: 

I went onto the FBI web site and there is a link for Internet Crime, but not this type of scam.  I report the fraudulent emails I get once in a while, especially the ones that say my Chase or Citi card is frozen and I need to call or email my social security number and account number, but I doubt if much can be done, although I hope that if enough people complain quickly (before the email or number is changed) eventually some of these maggots will be arrested and prosecuted.

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   If you Google, you'll find a link for filing complaints of this type. If you're on your state's no-call list, you might have cause for legal action. Note the time and date of the offending call. Copy and paste the text of your complaint to a blank email and send it to yourself, and then print out a hard copy to give to your attorney.
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jim695 is the govt. for advice. They know a thing or two about
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Avatar justxploring -
Thanks. Funny that I didn't think of the FTC since I once sent a complaint about AT&T when they switched to Cingular a few years ago, although I have nothing but positive things to say about them now.

Having been forced to take telemarketing jobs and appointment setting jobs to pay my bills, I actually am very patient and understanding, but this was a message left on my cell and it was obviously not true.

Too bad I didn't answer the call. It would have been fun to say "Why don't you call me at work tomorrow. I work out of the FBI office in Tampa!
Avatar RJOh -
I get several recorded messages a week like that and I also get similar ones about my car warranty. I've thought about getting on that no-call list and sueing them.
Avatar justxploring -
I've been on the DNC list for years. This is a new cell phone. My land line also unlisted, unpublished and pay $1.50 to the phone company for that privacy. What about a cell phone?

You can also call an 800 number to get off of marketing lists, but if you are uncomfortable doing that, you can write to the 3 credit reporting bureaus. I've done that too. I still get a ton of junk from Citi which owns AT&T Universal, Shell cards and others, so I've called and written their customer service department. Maybe I'll get something free since I've made such a stink. Seriously, they send me 5 offers in the mail a week and I those are real. I just don't want them!!

Regarding a lawsuit, I think it would cost more than you'd get in satisfaction unless someone sold you something on the phone. With scams, I think they keep changing phones. Ever get offered a new Escalade? I used to get those calls. "You just won a brand new Cadillac Escalade" (and in a whisper...or one of many other prizes) which was a way to get people to attend a timeshare seminar, according to the blogs I read. I usually Google the tel # to see what others are saying.

The DNC rules have many gray areas. For example, once I was told to cold call some people and I said I wouldn't break the law. You can only call a scrubbed list. The manager said that you can call and say "I'm not trying to sell you anything. I am only asking your permission to mail you information." Most people who don't want to be bothered are on the DNC list. There are State and Natl lists. As I said, I've been pressured into making a lot of calls and that's why I am looking for a new career (can't make a dime if I don't call people to make appointments) and I've paid for direct mail, which is very expensive. But I'm talking about liars and cheaters. That's why when I contracted with an agency selling life insurance to homeowners and he said "if you can't reach the people, then leave a message that "it's important that I speak with you about your mortgage" I walked out. When another agency said "When asked about price, say "I'd love to give you a quote on the phone, but the FL DOI won't allow it," I walked out. Now you all know why I'm poor! LOL

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