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How Can Myspace.com Change the World...


Poll made by Paccattack05:

If someone won the amount of 200,000,000 and gave every penny away how would you feel:

A. His or her money..Their bussiness

B.  Furious

C. Switzerland

D. Hope i never hear this actually occuring...

E. I would attend a rally...

F. I would have an item in my op-ed section of my newspaper...

In today' society, it's not too absurd to see a poll about someone who has a lot of money suddenly from a JP windfall, and decides to give every penny away.

If you feel like it, please explain  why you feel this way about the whole idea. Would it furiate you, or just cavalier about the whole thing.

Reply to comment:

But if you think about it is basically what myspace is doing...This is how i see it..Myspace.com has 90 million members world wide so i heard on TV...If they were to charge each member 1 dollar a month they would make like 70 million dollars monthly...If they were to charge 1 dollar each year they would make like 70 million dollars a year....If they were to charge 1 dollar to all its member for let's put "entering the premises" they will make a one time ton of 70 or 60 million dollars...They could use that money to fix my space and make it better, such as a better customer service, more graphics les spam and add more stuff...But they are not; they get their money from advertisers and i think they only get like 1-3 million dollar a year from the advertisers...Facebook may one day catch up to Myspace.com because myspace is sort of abandoning their own website...I've heard customers saying they are switching over to facebook because they get too much spam on myspace.com...Myspace could charge all its members 1 dollar a month or 1 dollar a year and then take that money and donate to charity...Do you know what is 70 millions Times 12 months? Is 840 million dollars....If they take 40 million for themseves or for the bussiness and donate those 800 millions ANNUALY to Cancer or Aids research or to the poor kids in Africa...Just imagine...But if they are going to go ahead and charge 1 dollar to people and donate everything to charity i feel they should reveal their plans to the public...

I don't know how things is working but all i am saying myspace could make tons of money and help society at the same time but they are wasting it away...

Entry #83


Comment by pumpi76 - December 22, 2007, 2:59 pm
or they can use those 800 million and help rebuild the Post Katrina Gulf Coast area...I am talking Texas, Louisiana, Missouri and Alabama, if i am not mistaken...
Comment by pumpi76 - December 22, 2007, 3:06 pm
For this to work Myspace.com needs to accept money orders and WESTERN UNION...
Comment by pumpi76 - December 22, 2007, 5:18 pm
Or they can use those 800 million dollars and help the people of Haiti....

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