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Powerball stat hunt gearing up


My one pick system is an ever evolving nightmare of calculations and continuity challenges... there are now 3 worksheets in one excel workbook feeeding the final pick.

The number is an averaged composite of 10 individual picks (Short term and Long term).... today I conquered the pesky backtest normulae only to be unimpressed with the results... I have generated error corrections like mad, don't know what stage to apply them... I am currently running 2 backtest scenarios side by side to see the results and compare hits...

As expected, it is pulling in more positional hits than any one of the component picks that comprise it, BUT as feared they are not lining up on the same line for a prize win... Oh well, it IS just one pick per draw finally...

I can't help but wonder as I conjure up new error correction masks and refine and optimize the components... Is this like a radio signal? Is there some "frequency" component I should add to the error correction to synchronize individual lines for more hits? or would that just be dangerous hindsight manipulation? Time will tell, but backtest results are not as robust as I thought... could be the wrong stats, or the wrong weighting scheme... maybe error correction needs to be applied at every stage... I can do that and will try that, but it IS a time consuming affair that I need a break from for the rest of the day... I have until wednesday to get one good pick. I already have one for Match6. M6 uses the SAME EXACT normulas, yet the golden pick for match6 is matching 1 or 2 consistently...

one good thing about the whole system is the accurate ranging by decade... alot closer than the individual stat picks...

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