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Partying like it’s 1979


Last Edited: January 2, 2008, 6:16 pm

Well, back in 2003, we were sold a bill-of-(not-so)-goods about a certain nation and certain non-existant weapons, and how most certainly we would handle the cost of it all at minimal American taxpayer expense because oil would ‘pay’ for the war (but not the wounded and killed). At that time, oil was going for under $25 a barrel. Today, Jan 2, 2008, oil touched $100 a barrel.

Gas is going for about $3.10~$3.30 a gallon, where I’m at. It’s not summer driving season, yet. We haven’t had the switchover from winter-blend to summer-blend, yet. Not to mention the obligatory refinery fire somewhere in the nation.

Today, gold(Au) touched $860 an ounce, silver(Ag) is above $15, while the Euro touched $1.4730 (only 3 more cents to go). It used to be Au would swing about $6 up or down on the day. Now, it easily jumps or drops $10. As we go forward, these price swings will get larger across the board. I keep using the word “touch”, but I think prices will be back for a “feel”.

The thing about predicting future events is ~ you tell someone they’ll be hit by a car while crossing the street, they will be more careful crossing the street, and then say you were wrong. Or, they won't listen at all, and get a fender snack. That’s why people who see disasters in the making will often keep it to themselves. People appreciate getting out of trouble much more than not getting in trouble altogether. Too often, it seems to make no difference in the outcome, anyway.

No prognostications, today. It doesn't matter if you're right, unless the right people know you're right.

I see plenty of people on the net making fun of those who are concerned about the North American Union. I have decided that many of these people are shills for the establishment. They get paid good money, and most of them will be long dead when things get interesting. What is today the EU, is the result of over 50 years of “harmless treaties” and “innocent trade agreements”. The full & real plan was only revealed a few months before the signing of the Maastricht Treaty, about 40 years in. 40 years is a loooong time to be called a conspiracy nut. Today, the individual citizens of the EU member countries have a supranational governing body that can make rules for them and is unaccountable to them. It is not currently making many rules because it currently has no army to enforce its rules. That comes later.

We, in the West, are at the “harmless treaties” and “innocent trade agreements” stage.
We, in the West, are at the "those people are conspiracy nuts" stage.
We, in the West, will turn off the TV one day and ask how'd we get shafted. Answer: deeply.

I should clarify that these events are big news outside the U.S., but the U.S. is the hammer that will make or break the deal, which is why it is not getting any coverage here. Our citizens wouldn't want it either.

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LOTTOMIKEComment by LOTTOMIKE - January 3, 2008, 4:28 am
are we in this country ok or are there very troubling times coming soon?
Rick GComment by Rick G - January 3, 2008, 9:58 am
Very few people seem to realize that we are on the verge of bankruptcy. Only one of the presidential candidates has addressed the issue. Steps have to be taken NOW to shore up the value of the dollar. Returning to the gold standard and ending our welfare payments to the rest of the world and our world-wide warfare would be a start in the right direction.

America was not founded to be the police of the world, the sugar daddys, or nation (empire) builders. Since World War II this is exactly what we've become.

This is not fair to the American citizens who are footing the bill.

justxploringComment by justxploring - January 3, 2008, 4:36 pm
I wonder if the FDIC will come through for the people with money in insured banks if they begin to fail. They insist they always pay people rapidly, but FEMA always used to claim they'd rescue people promptly in emergencies.

By the way, time*treat, I think you misunderstood me in your last blog entry. Just because I don't agree completely with Ron Paul, doesn't mean I don't appreciate your posts.   I also just added a 5 syllable word to my daily vocabulary.   :-)

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