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34 draws left...


As drawing #266 goes in the MUSL powerball history books (266@ 5/52 + 1/42) the end of all that gathered data looms nearer. the last draw that keeps the current matrix data relevant is set for 8/27/2005... draw #300.

After that, it becomes 5/55 + 1/42. Time to pull out all the stops, crunch some numbers and scramble to fix errors... 127 million combos and we only get to see 300 of them... kinda makes the chase seem even more pointless.

Come the first draw of the new matrix, I am done... going to adopt the VisionDude one quickpick system and find another hobby (I'm thinking Radio Controlled Airplanes since it's safe to stick a fork in the dream of ever flying a real plane). Maybe I'll try to get another band started (not easy to find 30-40 yr. old musicians wanting to start a punk band) but I'll be archiving the spreadsheets for good by september... I tried, I failed.... but at least I tried, and had fun doing it.

WHY did they have to jump the gun and tamper with the matrix because of a short-term spike in winners?

good luck to everyone... 34 draws left, let's beat it before then!

Entry #63


Comment by golotto - April 27, 2005, 4:07 am
I am approaching it with the mindset of "lots can happen with Powerball between now and aug 27th ...and after" Maybe we all can even de-throne good old J.W. with a new record summer jackpot before the new matrix takes effect :)) Definitely going to be interesting.

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