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A woman running a vegetable stand in London's West End is facing fines of up to $130,000 and the possible loss of her business because she was caught by the government selling her produce by the ounce and pound.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Janet Devers, 63, was notified of the criminal counts with a 67-page letter that arrived in the mail, outlining 13 criminal charges relating to the "improper" pricing of goods as well as the offense of selling vegetables in bowls.

"It's disgusting," she told the newspaper. "We have knifings. We have killings. And they're taking me to court because I'm selling in pounds and ounces."

That, of course, isn't allowed under a European Union-mandated rule that all its nations must use metric measures, so veggies have to be weighed in grams and kilograms.

But pounds, pints and miles are what Britishers know best, said Scott Lomax, another vegetable stall owner. "Who's to tell us to change?"

Devers has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges, and says she's confident of her case because it will be decided by a jury, which could include sympathetic shoppers, the newspaper reported.

When Britain wrote the EU-required law in 2000, it included an exemption that businesses could use imperial measures as well as metric weights, but the metric weights could not be omitted.

That, apparently, was Devers' alleged offense, because two of her scales measured only in pounds and ounces, the report said.

Her trouble began in September when officials from the local government council and police officers came and seized her scales. The newspaper said they told her they were illegal.

Later came the 67-page charges.

Alan Laing, an official with the local government that is prosecuting Devers, said it is the government's obligation to see that laws are upheld. He must make sure "traders comply with weights-and-measures legislation," he said.

But Devers wouldn't be the first to have been ticketed for such an offense. Four market-stall owners, including her brother, lost a 2002 case that was similar, the newspaper said.

They were told that there would be no further action if they didn't break the law again, but a group is campaigning for them to be pardoned, and that group now has taken up Devers' case, too.

It's all about "who governs Britain," campaigner Neil Herron told the newspaper.

Ahh, gotta keep those rogue veggie vendors in line, Al-Carrota, don'tcha know. Society would crumble into chaos, if they're not reigned in. Weapons of Mass Roughage. Now this woman has her life interrupted plus lawyer fees for this type of bull. Meanwhile, some A$$hat bureaucr@p will no-doubt include this in the statistics of "crime preventions" for the year, and get a budget increase for next year, so that he can make life miserable for more peaceable citizens. After all, they are easier targets than the violent ones. It remains to be seen if the community will get together and demand these idiots be fired and/or vote their bosses out of office.

This is why I'm always railing about intellectually lazy sheeple who bleat along with "wut eva de law say", rather than ask themselves if a particular law makes sense. We end up in slave societies where you can't take a dump without filling out zee proper paper-verk. Meanwhile, all the things you really need 'protecting' from go unchecked. England is, maybe, 10 years ahead of America in terms of this kind of garbage, and given what passes for sense over here, I see no reason to think we won't catch up to them. More citizens can name the three stooges than can name the three branches of gov't... well, when we had three. Mad

Oh, and the reason there are "knifings" & "killings" is because you can no longer legally own a gun in England. Guess the criminals didn't heed the memo. Another fine example that disarming law-abiding people doesn't make them safer! But socialists never let your reality get in the way of their f_e_e_l_i_n_g_s. Sadly, they can always convince enough pudding-headed emo-types to let them have their way.

The 'Elites' don't get close enough to the 'commoners' to ever be in any danger.

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Avatar konane -
Awesome rant .... am right in there with you on that one!!!!
Avatar justxploring -
I think in our case, the people decided not to use the metric system. I hope it's okay to disagree with you about this case. I've worked in stores where the way items were marked was to fool the consumer into thinking he was getting good deal and it's perfectly legal. I'm too ethical, so I always explain things in detail. I guess many (including me) will say we don't need the government to protect us from our own stupidity, but when people feel cheated, then they complain there aren't enough laws to protect us. You once indicated I should limit my comments, so I won't elaborate, but I have several examples including labels on food, interest rates on loans, etc.   I will mention one small situation however. When I sold floor covering, tile at that time was sold by the sq foot and carpet was sold by the sq yard. People got very confused. I was shocked to find out how many people didn't realize you multiply by 9 or that you need more 12 x 12 tiles to cover an area than 16 x 16 tiles. Look at what is now happening with mortgages because of adjustable rates. It's all because so many people wanted a home they couldn't afford in the first place and didn't want to sit down and think about what was going to possibly happen in a few years. Maybe I'll start my own blog about that. The laws often protect shoppers from their own lack of math skills and basic common sense.
Avatar Rick G -
I second konane's motion. Good post.

I think the British are having second thoughts about the"European Union". Americans are burying their heads in the sand about the coming North American Union. They claim it's a conspiracy theory. The only conspiracy is the globalists stripping nations of their sovereignty. It's a lot easier to control three "Unions" than 200 sovereign countries in the world. George Orwell predicted this 60 years ago and the world is unfolding as if it is a script from the book, '1984'. Apparently the majority of the world has not read the book.

Avatar spy153 -
Rick G, I have read 1984 and yes things are scary same as in the book. Funny, how when 1984 was here no one believed it would be like this. And yet, here we are. "There are no conpiracies going on" my mother would tell me. "Stop believing everything people tell you," she would say. She still stands firm on that. I believe the opposite. But I have the benefit of being able to work a computer fairly well and don't know what I would do without google. She is scared to death of them and down right hates them, but wonders where I get my information from all the time.
Avatar time*treat -
Jxp, the woman was never accused of *cheating* anyone. Maybe you read a different blog?
The British have been using pounds, feet, and ounces longer than anyone else (that's why it's called ... the Imperial system), I'm sure they can still handle it a bit longer. Buying veggies doesn't involve adjustable interest rates and installment loans+. It's a red herring to compare the two.

The bureaucrats you defend REMOVED the *protection* of the buyers who grew up using pints, pounds, miles, etc., by insisting they use metric weights. There is no common sense involved in that decision. There is, however, a chance to collect fines. Ah, but as soon as the *proper* scales are acquired, Britain will be much safer. Ugh.

+(although, if the dollar goes much lower, who knows).
Avatar justxploring -
What do you think of the latest buzz on the news that investors are putting most of their money in 30 year bonds?
Avatar Rick G -
The investors I'm listening to are buying gold and silver.
Avatar time*treat -
You said it, Rick G.! In 2000 years, Au & Ag have never been zero.
Show me ANY paper currency with that kind of track record. :-)
I've seen no mention of Au at all time highs, either.

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