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If u can no has rebatez 4 buy ur votez


    I imagine some people are feeling left out if they do not qualify for the bribe.. er.. rebate. Well, really, it's only a promise of a rebate. The promise being offered in time for Super Tuesday. Since there is the remote chance of electing a non-globalist, non-busybody to the nations top spot, the regulars had to (pretend to) do something helpful. More bread? More circus? A dollar was once a promise, too.

    It can be pretty tough tuning out the conversations of the sheeple as they gush about what they will do with their $300 (or $600.. or.. well.. we're not quite sure yet; gotta see how well the Establishment shills do in the early primaries, first.) Just hold your tongue. No need to tell 'em you bought 100 ounces of silver(Ag) back when I first wrote about it in March '06, when it was trading around $10/oz. Some of you old timers were buying long before that. Go ahead and gloatBig Grin, you've earned it, or rather 'saved' it. Currently, Ag is going for over $16 an ounce. Checking my calculator, that's ... well, it seems to be over $600 profit if you bought at $10 and you choose to cash out, and you don't have to wait till May for it. If you do wait till May, who knows what it will fetch. That's over 25% per year, compounded. Not bad unless, of course, you're one of those people who'd rather 'earn 5% per year for 30 years' because inflation-is-low-if-the-gov't-tells-me-so. If that's the case, my 'absurd' ideas, as they have been called, won't appeal to you. You should stop reading here. I only get worseJester. Enjoy your grass. Ignore that nice man with the shears. This won't hurt a bit. It's for your own good.

Now, for the rest of you:
    Those old jars of coins you've been meaning to take to the bank may fetch you more at the smelters. It takes 155 pennies (well, the old ones, anyway) to yield a pound(lb) of copper(Cu). On the spot market, a lb of Cu is going for $3.25. Yes, the melt value is higher than the face value. Twice as high. I would discuss the zinc(Zn) price component, but I don't want you all geting arrested for diving into the wishing fountain at the mall.

    By April '07, I'd gotten around to writing about gold(Au) and its price and what that meant for the dollar. That particular rant began at about $690US per ounce and about 6 months before the buck tanked past the Canadian dollar(loonie) in value. That part is by design, but no one wants to see that. If my treatises on the impending destruction of our currency gave you a healthy dose of concern, perhaps you bought a couple ounces of the yellow metal before it got to $700. Yes, you oldster's who bought at $600 or $500 are allowed to do the Church Lady dance DanceDancehere, too. Now(Jan '08) each ounce of the Midas metal is over $200 higher than a year ago, above $900US, and not a word from the LameStream Media. I've never seen Ag do a 'perp walk' and I don't recall Au having to restate earnings due to 'accounting irregularities'.

    It is unfortunate that so many people still rely on television for their news(sic). Every real problem is treated the same. Deny it exists, say 'buy on the dips', then say the downturn will be short lived. "Faux Nooz: We Distortz. Youse Comply." What runs our economy is a healthy dose of optimism combined with a gross abundance of misinformation. Anyone challenging the 'nooz' is a kook, a racist, an isolationist, or a conspiracy theorist (unless we're running a special where you can get branded as any two for the price of one). Ignore 2,000 years of history (takes too long to learn, anyway). Well, ignore what can't be rewritten. You can create wealth, if you just have enough paper & ink. Four legs goooood, two legs baaaaad. We now stand for the Two Minutes Hate. Comrade, you've misunderstood; it was an "N", not a "Q". It was always an "N".
    Obviously this mindset doesn't apply to everyone, as the remnant is out there pushing the prices of the metals up, getting (as best they can) the #$%& out of 'fraudulent reverse notez'. Like the "crazy ol man" in the backwoods shack with his ammo & canned beans, I got to warn of the perils, venting frustration (because that's mostly all I accomplish) but safe in the knowledge that no one would actually pay me any attention (and thus drive up the price of ammo & canned beans). Well, it used to be that way. Looking at some of the other blogs, it looks like a few more "cabins" are popping up, next to mine, and 'beans' are at all time highs. That can't be good. Ugh.

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