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More Corruption Exposed


Did anyone watch Bill Moyers Journal on Friday evening on PBS?  I always knew the Bush administration was secretive and corrupt, and I am aware of Blackwater's mercenary army, but I still found the facts uncovered during the congressional hearings, discussed by Representive Waxman to be very disturbing. 

I'll admit that until Friday at 9:00, I never heard of Lurita Doan. Have you? As head of the General Services Administration, Doan oversees $500 billion dollars worth of federal assets. Yup, $500 billion of our tax money. She was found to be in violation of the Hatch Act, a law prohibiting federal employees from using government resources for partisan purposes. She was asked to resign. So why is Doan still the head of the GSA?  Please watch the video if you haven't seen it and tell me how we can hold people like Doan accountable? What about any employee appointed by the government to spend our tax dollars? 

Although she handles $500 billion and misued her power, she is way down on my list of cheaters in the government today.  The criminal acts of Bush, Cheney and Rice are far worse.  Secret contracts with no competitive bids awarded? A billion dollars to build an embassy in Iraq that is still not finished?  Kidnapping laborers and flying them to Baghdad using our tax dollars?  Halliburton, Blackwater, and all the other private companies stealing billions from the American people and purposely stalling progress in Iraq for profit?  

Go to Bill Moyers site and read the transcript, please. Watch the video. Listen to Kathleen Hall Jamieson when she asks "What is a protective over watch mission?"  Maybe the program will be aired again. Check your listings.   

Here's just a sample:

BILL MOYERS: Did you find fraud, waste and abuse in that process?

REP. HENRY WAXMAN: Yes. We found billions of dollars that cannot be accounted for. That cannot be justified. And it's a scandal.

BILL MOYERS: A scandal made worse, Waxman says, because the person who should be cleaning it up - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice -- hasn't been forthcoming with the committee. Her Republican allies on the Committee said she was too busy to testify.

How about when Representative Carolyn Maloney asked Secretary Rice about a $4.2 million swimming pool that has never been built?  This was her answer.

SEC. CONDOLEEZZA RICE: You can tell your constituents this is not a matter of having "lost" the money. This is a matter of invoices, as I am told by the people who are doing this. This is a matter of invoices and records that were not solid enough for us to be confident that the goods and services were being billed properly. This was a Department of State audit of its own procedures that came under new management because there were problems with the Bureau of INL. And that's very often the case with many of the things that have been mentioned here. It is the Department that finds problems and then seeks to fix them.

BILL MOYERS: When Condoleezza Rice came before your committee, she said, "That-- that's-- the money's not really missing. It's an accounting problem."

Last summer I remember when Rory Mayberry, an Emergency Medical Technician, testified that he believes that First Kuwaiti kidnapped 52 Filipino nationals to work on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.  But seeing it again and hearing about the deplorable conditions these workers had to endure...well it gave me chills up and down my spine.

Please watch this YouTube video if you never saw Mayberry's testimony: 





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Rick GComment by Rick G - February 2, 2008, 10:15 am
That money is not missing and there is no accounting problem. It is being funneled into "black projects" that the government and military don't want us to know about. On paper the Pentagon spends $90 on a toilet seat...in reality $5 went for the toilet seat and $85 went towards "something else" that you can bet wasn't in any budget.

Haliburton has a contract to build massive detention centers in the U.S. In the Army's procedure manual there is a detailed organizational chart for the military to control the population of these detention centers. (I'll have to look up the link for that one). For whom are these detention centers being built?

My point is that a good portion of our tax money is being spent on things the public know nothing about.
spy153Comment by spy153 - February 2, 2008, 10:26 am
Rick G, you are the first on here to really know what's going on. But those plans were implemented years ago and there's nothing we can do now. If you have any ideas, I would more than gladly help you out.
Rick GComment by Rick G - February 2, 2008, 1:46 pm

The only suggestion I can give is to vote smartly in the Presidential primaries and election. My candidate would put a stop to this train wreck of a government. The others appear as though they would continue this fiasco.

justxploringComment by justxploring - February 2, 2008, 2:20 pm
I agree, Rick. Waxman pointed out that this administration is even more secretive than Nixon's. Yes, Spy. I agree that Rick is very knowlegeable and one of my favorite bloggers (although we don't always agree. :-)   I remember when over 3 years ago CNN reported that the United States "lost" approx $9 billion during an audit. I googled and found an article. (I love the internet!) http://edition.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/meast/01/30/iraq.audit/

Rick, as we've agreed before, we look at the candidates in a different light. I agree with half of what Ron Paul says and the other half I disagree with. Unfortunately, there has never been one political candidate that has 100% of the answers. So right now I am looking at the 2 Democrats unless something changes. Even if I loved your candidate (and I don't) the way a president gets elected in our current system wouldn't get him into office anyway, so I feel I need to place my loyalty where it will at least count. I'd hate to see a McCain/Obama or a McCain/Clinton race and McCain getting into office because of the 3% who voted for Paul. I don't like the 2 party system, but it's all we've got, and right now I believe Americans are fighting for their future.

I didn't post this to talk about the 2008 election, although before anyone votes, I hope he/she looks at this clearly. I am often misunderstood and a few people on LP think I'm walking around with rose colored glasses - not at all.   

Comment by jim695 - February 2, 2008, 2:24 pm
You're right again, Rick. In fact, I would venture to say that MOST of our tax money is being spent on things the public knows nothing about. Worse, the government gets really angry whenever someone ("someone" being an average citizen) insists on an accurate accounting. Here in Indiana, such questions can actually prevent an important vote when the delicate egos of our legislators are offended by suggestions of impropriety.
   Just last week, a bill came up which would have required all elected officials to wait two years before they could become highly-paid lobbyists. The public supported this bill, and openly voiced their reasons at a public forum. Our lawmakers were terribly offended, so the Democratic Speaker announced that there would be no vote on the issue, and the bill died. Indiana Senator Vi Simpson said, "That's no way to get legislation passed in this state."
   This would appear to be a simple math problem; I mean, who works for whom? These people are completely out of control, and the only way to fight back effectively is to get involved in politics. Whether you decide to run for a seat yourself, or whether you just work as a volunteer on someone's campaign, you'll make friends and develop contacts in the political arena.
   It doesn't take a vivid imagination to realize who will be occupying all those new prisons they're building across America. Any newspaper you pick up will tell you that crime is down all over the nation, so why continue building new prisons? They're for the upstarts and revolutionaries who have had it up to here with a corrupt government. Those who would expose and destroy the corrupt officials who hold infinite power over our lives and freedoms will be labeled "domestic terrorists" and put away where they can cause no further harm.
   I couldn't believe how easily and effortlessly they were able to take my rights and property without due process, and there is absolutely NOTHING I can do about it. I didn't break the law, and I went to jail and stood trial for it. The kid who rear-ended me and seriously injured my 70-yr-old mother is STILL driving without a license and without insurance, and he has the full endorsement of the prosecuting attorney and the local cops! They wouldn't even charge him with a probation violation because they "thought he had been through enough for one day." When he hit me, he was on probation for Driving While Suspended for having caused previous accidents. Just a few weeks later, he caused ANOTHER accident, and the cops wrote him ANOTHER ticket and let him drive home.
   It cost me $800 to have two covert cameras installed in my truck. One sees my speedometer and the other looks out my driver's side window. The next time I'm pulled over, I'll have everything I need to prove my innocence, and a certain cop will have some explaining to do.
   Be careful out there, folks; it's us against them now, and the police are going to protect each other at all costs, with no regard for our safety, freedom or livelihoods.
Rick GComment by Rick G - February 2, 2008, 3:03 pm
Sorry, Nancy...didn't mean this to lead to politics. As you know, I have fervent beliefs about what has been happening in our country and there are only two avenues to combat it. One is through politics and the other is through civil disobedience. Both of those avenues are being effectively blocked through crooked voting processes and laws that make us terrorists for marching in the street. Spy asked what we could do...I have no other answer for that.
spy153Comment by spy153 - February 2, 2008, 4:35 pm
Rick, I don't think it necessarily has to be civil disobedience. But rather, just not let ourselves- and others- get so suckered into their scheme.   Their plan is to scare us into submission to obedience. They want the good citizens to think it was all their idea to up the security level to life in prison. You sound like you know a little about what I am talking about. Unless you want locked up for the rest of your life, or killed, you had better educate others the best way you can. Some folks are delicate little things though. They refuse to believe their prescious America can do anything to them like that. I want to believe it too, but the truth is the truth. Maybe it was my approach, but when I discovered these things a good 10 years ago (and even then, it was old news in the secrets department), my efforts to tell everyone about it fell on deaf ears. You might have better luck. This town I'm in is in full throttle though. The police have been practicing their techniques already. I have seen sections of town blocked off while they practice rounding up everyday americans (potential protestors) in the name of national security.
Rick GComment by Rick G - February 2, 2008, 7:00 pm
Spy, you are absolutely right. It shouldn't have to come down to civil disobedience...but here is the crux of the issue; Why is the government making these laws without specifically excluding U.S. citizens from the laws? Now there are "domestic terrorists" and "homegrown" terrorists. Think about it...what does "homegrown" and "domestic" mean? It is a direct reference to U.S. citizens. A tree-hugger is a terrorist if he's hugging a tree and won't let go. If he even THINKS about going out with his Green buddies and holding on to trees in a protest it is considered conspiracy to commit terrorism and is covered under the new law, Homegrown Terrorist Act or whatever it's called.

Is the government expecting public upheaval? What do they know that we don't?
TenajComment by Tenaj - February 2, 2008, 9:47 pm
Rick I truly believe that US citizens played the greater part of 911. Those towers could have withstood 5 planes hitting them and won't have came down like that. Even with explosives in the plane.

They fell in a pancake effect that happens when you cut the steel beams on all the floors and use explosives. Like they bring down building without disturbing the ones around them.

Also a single plane hitting the Pentagon could not have made it explode to the point that all was left to identify was nothing no bigger than half a computer keyboard.

And why was Ben Laden and 70 other Palestinians flown out of the US 3 days after 911 when no other planes could come or go. How does George W explain that?

However, I do agree with everything you are saying.
jarasanComment by jarasan - February 2, 2008, 11:13 pm
2nd. amendment is the guarantee of no martial law being implemented. If they got all the military together (less than 2 million) plus all the police you want etc., they wouldn't stand a chance against 50 million armed law abiding Americans, and they know it. You think the insurgency in Iraq is bad? You ain't seen nothing. All of us should understand that any politico that wants to take right to bear arms away is not to be voted for. Every criminal including the criminal, corrupt, politcos that want to take your firearms away want to do it for a reason, to take you to an interment camp without a fight, or kill you without a fight, double f- that. When my uncles were murdered by a facist, they had no self defense other than scythes and rocks, they couldn't fight back. Remember if you can't fight back, game over, the stuff you are describing here could happen, but not to me and many others, ammo lots of ammo.
jarasanComment by jarasan - February 2, 2008, 11:16 pm
oops, I meant to put that in Ricks blog, Oh well you get my drift.
justxploringComment by justxploring - February 3, 2008, 12:55 am
C'mon, Jarasan. There can't be another LP member who posts in the wrong blog! LOL   
I don't have a gun. I'm afraid when I check my numbers I might shoot my computer.

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