Enjoyed Kentucky


I just spent four days in Kentucky (Louisville area), and I wanted to mention to all the members from that state what a nice place it is.

The people were very friendly, and the weather even cooperated.  (I left just before the snow hit on Monday.)

Seems like a nice place to live.

Entry #192


Avatar angelm -
Glad you enjoyed your visit!!
Avatar pacattack05 -
Did you have chicken for dinner?
Avatar spy153 -
I prefer it over other places, myself. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.
May I ask what you were here for?
Avatar Todd -
You may ask.... ;-)

A trip to attend an event.
Avatar spy153 -
what event? A wedding?
Avatar Think -
I went on a long trip and also thought the Dayton, OH to Louisville, Ky part was nice. Louisville may be the nicest part of Kentucky ;)
Avatar Todd -
@spy153: No juicy gossip, but just don't want to discuss it in my blog.
Avatar emilyg -
You could have visited Bluegrass. His home town.

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