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Rape Protection - Two Options


Katey demonstrates that when it comes to protecting your property, your home, your family, or your life from criminals (the unelected ones, at least) there are two basic options.*

Guess which option Obamanable & Hitlery prefer (for you, anyway). You can be sure the SS (Schutzstaffel) (Secret Service) aren't relying on "5 bars" and "no roaming".

"Oh, time*treat", the Libs baaaa, "they only want to ban assault weapons". Alright, define 'assault weapon'. They can't (or rather won't), because the term is vague enough to mean whatever they need it to mean. Here's 10 mins of truth & demo about "assault weapons". In fact, the vagueness of the term is pointed out by one of the BATF guys testifying before a Senate subcommittee @ 8:30. Listen to what a detective has to say about how many 'converted' fully automatic weapons his department has turned up, out of thousands of total weapons collected @ 9:30.

As the host of the vid demonstrates, the 'action' - not the appearance, determines how the weapon functions. Now you can go confuse and dismay a freedom-hating Lib with some facts.


*You can bet some moron is going to suggest pepper-spary as a third option, like you want to rely on that when someone kicks your door in at 3am. 

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