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Other ideas i have...


Bussiness Stock Predictions: How many bussiness track the stocks in the Stock Market and when you buy something, specially when they sell stuff people don’t buy normally, and give you stock predictions, like a receipt for people? How many bussinesses do that? Thank you...I felt about this for about 6 years now....
Blog Newspapers: Why don’t they have blog newspapers....Newspapers of all kinds of issues....Kind of like magazines (whatever is cheaper newspapers or magazines), made of the cheapest paper...Is good to have it on computers but how many Americans have computers, how many people globally have computers.....And if you want, you let people pay (for the newspaper service) to have their blogs read...No cusword or any of that stuff, specially if is something important...it will be cheaper than writing a book...Blogs in the newspaper with their respective titles and ideas...Present day newspapers have blogs (but they are not called blogs, can’t remember what they are called) but is done by 1 person all the time, i hear comments from the same person all the time...I say this because "Compa" newspapers that give news are absolete, everyone has TV....How about having them in schools/colleges/ high school that way kids read each other’s imput and have fun and a good time...I think is a good idea, is not the greatest idea but is a good idea...
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time*treatComment by time*treat - March 21, 2008, 12:08 am
You may be thinking of editorials and the weekly columns/articles written by people on certain subjects. Most of the local papers in my area publish letters to the editor from the public. The only cost is the postage to mail it in. I think I've seen some letters submitted by e-mail, too. Many colleges here publish a newspaper too. Those have many of the same features, and are free for the taking.

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