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21 the movie: how about a lottery/Stock Market movie..


As some of you may know i am not in the States...But i read this story:


apparently a movie about some college whizzards who want to crack las vegas i guess, again...

So how about (and i am giving you an idea where you can elaborate, maybe you should write a script) some college whizzes/supernerds develops a supercomputer by gathering's people's old play station 1, or inherits 2 million dollars from his grandsomeone that died and since he is a nerd gets himself a 300K old supercomputer, and simulates the trajectory of lotto balls, in the lotto machine by writing a program and taking into account the time in seconds, plus a certain theories that he got from LOTTERYPOST.COM, and he finds the secret to winning Florida Mega Money or Powerball, every year and lives happily ever after....It doesn't necesarily has to be a a bunc of PS1 to simulate the lottery it can be a PS1's to simulate the stock market (kind of like Pi), or about a young kid who is addicted to watching the Stock Market channel, learns a lot and amasses millions (if you think i am crazy just look at the richest man in the world Warren Buffet and his team of market experts)....


Entry #109


Coin TossComment by Coin Toss - April 1, 2008, 6:00 pm
Pumpi, the movie 21 is based on something that really happened.

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