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Pick4 (SAT 1600) and Lotto Digit(al) Footprints (LDF)...


PICK4: SAT 1600: There is and might be a way you can make money off of pick4 (again i don't specialize on pick4)...Think of getting Pick4 "straightboxed" as getting a 1600 on your SAT...At least that's how it looks...Is very difficult, very few will ever accomplish it, but i believe it can be done, but again, not everyone will accomplish it...AND THE ONLY WAY, AGAIN THE ONLY WAY TO GET AHEAD OF THIS GAME (i didn't say pick3, i said pick4) is to bet heavily like 20 dollars straight boxed on the combinations you think are going to come up next...But the combinations must be like 5 combinations...The best way to do it is to get a boxed wheel that wheels 10 numbers if they don't repeat for 210 dollars/set (by the way the wheel doesn't cost 210 dollars) (lotto pro has such a wheel), or 9 numbers for 121 dollars or something like that...You then go reducing it or eliminating the combinations you think are not likely to come up on the next draw...But remember that's only counting when the numbers don't repeat, so you will have to do extensive WEEDING OUT looking at previous history/results and looking at what came out boxed previously and eliminating it from the wheel...Is better if you do the weeding out by hand, is much better...But thinking about it, it think is better if you use the 9 number wheels for 121 or something like that and begin weeding out...I'll like to tell you that you can go lower from 9 to 8 or 7 wheel numbers but i don't know and i don't know if it will work...But i know that the 9 number wheel will work...A place where you can find this wheels is "lotto pro", just type it on yahoo.com or google.com...Don't forget to use the "Sum totals patterns" for pick4 that i've mentioned when weeding out by hand, despite that not all the sum totals will work for pick4, is only a small portion...They mostly work for pick3...The sums totals patterns for pick4 can be a tool in your weeding out by hand method/process....You take the 9 wheel and you take the most common ratio played on Pick4 and you will have weeded out a good portion of your 9 number wheel 121 sets...Again let me reiterate, YOU DO NOT WANT to play pick4 every day and hope to make money of it everyday...You may play it everyday, but you are betting 20 dollars so that whenever your number appears you will get 6,800 after they took out the tax...Also please believe me, if pick4 didn't have PRE-TEST, it will be easier and a lot of people would have won already....(TO BE CONTINUED..)

PICK4 & LOTTO DIGIT(AL) FOOTPRINTS (LDF): Right now i am working on Pick4 and on Digital/Digit footprints...If i could only TAP those two resources, i will have found the fountain of youth of the lottery...And if i can integrate "lotto digits footprints" on pick4...Say good bye to that game...I always felt that Pick4 is the most challenging of the games...Again LDF or Lotto Digit(al) Footprints is where the GOLD/PETROLEUM is in the lottery...ANY LOTTERY..."LOTTO DIGITS (AL) FOOTPRINTS" OR LDF is like a WORM HOLE in the Universe...It is..The problem is...Can that worm hole be found....Again in LDF is not where each number is going to land next, but where is not...You think that the baddest meanest systems are bad? Well no system ever divised by man, can compared to LDF or "Lotto Digits(al) Footprints"....Again the question is can this worm hole be found...If we were talking about RNG, there might be a possibility that it could be created, but we are talking about "Balls Machines", even though theretically speaking it shouldn't matter, but again we could not know or ever know because there is the "PreTest" on the way...Not only that but with LDF you could crack any ENCRYPTION, ANY...

There ought to make a movie about some genius kid learning about LDF and cracking all the lotteries and some detective played by Vincent Deonafrio or Jean Bean and the main character can be played by Matt Damon  pero esta gente estan fallando...Not only does he cracks the lottery but he cracks governments encryptions and he makes hundreds of 100 million dollar anonymous donations (LOL) all across the world, and he can not be found, you got to travel to different countries to see if you can find him, pero te digo esta gente estan fallando...

I found a pattern on Pick4 that hopefully it could work...And all you had to do is wheel 6 numbers and not 9 that will come out to 121 something dollars...And it could work with the weeding out by hand...But is based on you not playing the 4 numbers that previously played but the 6 numbers that didn't..Hopefully 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 draws you will get it correct...But like how i said before, you don't need to get it correct everyday, is only that ONE TIME, where you instead of playing 3 combinations you repeat that same combinations 5 times (3x5 = 15 dollars) and when you win you win 8,500 dollars after taxes had been taken with a 15 dollar bet...IS ONLY ONE TIME...And then you can stop and play 8 month later...In one year you will have made 17,000 or the price of a car...You do this an in 5 years you will have made a very good downpayment on your house (a house costing 150,000 and you paying 100,000 already)....Only 50,000 left to pay, which you can pay by working....The 6 number wheels cost like about 21 dollars...I know for a fact that the 7 number wheel cost 35 dollars...And again the 6 number wheel should cost like 21 dollars...You take the 6 number wheel and look at the previous history of draws boxed and see what numbers have played and beging weeding out combinations from your 6 numbers wheel...Don't forget to integrate in your weeding out the "Sum Total Patterns for Pick4"....And out of those 21 sets that the 6 number wheels yields, it should be reduced to perhaps 5 or 3....And don't forget the most common ratio played on your previous history draws of Pick4.....If you can reduce it to 2 you will be in the good track...

Entry #113


Comment by pumpi76 - April 13, 2008, 5:32 pm
i forgot to mention...That's to get it "straightboxed" to get it "straight" you must look at "TNTea's EOOE from a post she made titled "Pick5/39 Schooling" but that was for pick5 and pick6, you must them apply the EOOEO and apply it to Pick4 or EOOE and look at it from previous draws and this will help you weed out the combinations and narrow down on the correct number....You will find TNTEA'S "Pick5/39 schooling" in Lotterypost.com, just go there find who is tntea search her previous post, and you can do this by left clicking with your mouse....Remember apply "TNTEA'S Pick5/39 Schooling" specifically the EOEOEO to pick4...
Comment by pumpi76 - April 13, 2008, 10:36 pm
By the way you must treat "0" (zero) as even...
Comment by pumpi76 - April 18, 2008, 7:20 pm
Here is the website where you can find the wheels, they are free:
the 6 number wheel for pick4 cost 15 dollars and the 9 number wheels cost 126 dollars...
look also at the abbreviated wheels because they too look interesting...
Comment by pumpi76 - April 22, 2008, 3:05 am
Another name for LDF is Random Walks...
Comment by pumpi76 - April 22, 2008, 3:10 am
I got the idea of Lotto Digits(al) Footprints or Random Walks from the movie: "Swordfish".....
Comment by pumpi76 - April 27, 2008, 6:31 pm
LDF or Random walk as i call them is similar to integer sequence/series, except that in a sequence there is the order or mechanical factor, while in LDF there is a random component/factor to it....

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