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Pick4 (1600 SAT) Part 3...And some thought


Last Edited: April 13, 2008, 11:43 pm

I just realize that there is a lot of potential on Tntea's EOOE for pick4 (well actually i always knew it, specially with the help of a supercomputer)....

You know there are people (i know because i've seen it mentioned here in LP and i've seen it on lottery softwares on the internet) who want to use ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to try and win the lottery specially Pick5 and Pick4...There are some lottery softwares that even want to use the technology algorithms that "SEARCH ENGINES" use to track the lottery...I believe Artificial intelligence should be used for robots, instead of using artificial intelligence on trying to win Pick4, they should use the same technology but focus on TNTea's EOEO (or integrate them)...There is so much potential on that particular area...

The algorithms or technology that search engines use may sound appealing, but instead they should try and use those algorithms or technology and channel them through TNTea's EOOE for pick4 (This is Pick4 not pick5)....If you was to use powerful algorithms "BASED" on TnTea's OEEEO for Pick5 and integrate them with the wheels lotterywheels.com give you you will find potential (again i am talking a supercomputer here or a lotto ingeneer ingeneering a lotto software)...But i am sidetracking i am suppose to be focusing on Pick4 in this blog...

Going back to pick4, if you could track "DAILY" the OOEE combos and look at the previous 10 draws (because normally they don't repeat in 10 draws, well they do but it may be a one repetition of the combos and the repetitions happen 50/50) you "MIGHT/MAY" be able to know what's going to be the next OEOE combo, but it doesn't end there....Jee if i only had P34 software with me...I got rid of that software years ago...THIS PARAGRAPH IS TO BE CONTINUED....

Also if you was a scientist/geek with resources and a supercomputer at your side THE BEST THING TO DO is to try and crack Pick4, not worry about pick3 and not go after Pick5 or PIck6...After you conquered PIck4, then you can go after Pick5 and then after that Florida's MegaMoney (you see there are steps)...You know gradually...That's the best advice...And if you was smart you will know that Pick4 is as good as winning Pick5, because if you suppose you crack pick4 and you knew what was going to be the next number for tomorrow "straight" you will play that number 20 times or 20 dollars and you will have won 100,000 dollars which is the same as winning Pick5, but with less odds....And that's just 1 day, as you may know there are 365 days in 1 year..And if you was smart you will know that people that win Pick5 once they never win it again, is a once in a lifetime chance...So not only do you have 364 days but your lifetime to win more...Again if you was smart...I wander how many lottery softwares tell you this...Just to show you what kind of thrash they sell...

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