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Ideas And Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: April 14, 2008, 5:32 pm

A SUPERB IDEA: FEET SAND HOLSTER: Something that people can use to exercise when they are going walking is to get one of those sand thing that you wrap around your ankle but not heavy ones i am talking something like 1 pound or 1 pounds and half for each feet and they can use it all day...And they can cover them with their long jeans...But what scientist need to invent is something similar but that will not make noise because when you walk with the sand strap in your ankles it makes a squushy noise....I think it will be so wonderful...I seen them in wallmart but the ones that i've seen are too heavy and they are kind of akward and noisy...You need to invent something similar that will use sand and that it will not be noisy or akward...Just to show you, how many fitness experts since they call themselves fitness experts and they walk with their granola low sugar bar, walk with this sand strap around their ankles (specially soccer players, i mean if they really LOVE the sport)....You need something that will be smooth on the skin...Also maybe a thick soxes (medias in Spanish) to go with them, like 2 or 3 soxes on each foot to go with them....I mean if you really want to call yourself fitness experts....I think walking with such a thing will make you burn more calories....Ain't it a great idea...You know to make people lose weight....So that everyone will carry one....And not only do they need to invent it, but it needs to advance/evolve to over the decades/centuries...I was going to get me some of those and walk with them forever to make me feel like i was an astronaut, but i decided not to do it....Are mountain climbers when they are not climbing mountains are they walking with this?People that like to walk extreme distances, are they walking with this sand strap? You know it could be a good idea that someone can get those and let's say for example they can work out in the bycicle or a stationary bycicle...Not to heavy maybe 1 pound or half a pound...

As you may already know by reading this, I already know they exist but what i am saying is they need to modify them so that they will not make too much noise as you walk....

Maybe invent something that will have sand "aleado" to some plastic or metal and THEN it can go in a bag....

MOVIES LIBRARIES: There ought to be in every city in America, libraries, libraries that have every known movie made stored and clone copies of it, and perhaps songs and songs videos, if you can have songs that will be good too...But i am talking HUGE BIG LIBRARIES, like the libraries of Congress, but in Every city in America and Europe, and Latin America....And you become a member of the library and if people want to check out the movie/video/song they can for a fee i don't know 25 cents...

The same thing they should do with books because if you know, the libraries do not have every book written in them, they only have a few...Maybe on disk but they should...

THERE OUGHT TO BE: ENLARGING COMPUTER SCREEN LETTERS: There ought to be like a (you know how you can get on the internet different mouse cursors some biggers other smallers), well there are to be something like that that will make the letters and everything you see on the internet, "bigger", just like there is large print books, well there ought to be something like that...i don't know if they have them...

FOX NEWS: EXERCISE WHILE YOU WORK: They had this clipet of TV show that they give as commercials on FOX NEWS here in Panama...Well they were talking about a guy that invented like a threadmill that will go very very slow while on top of it there was a computer and a phone and the person work and answer the phone while they walk thus burning calories...And is a good idea (the intention) though not common...Well i thought, why not have a custom made stationary bycicle while you are sitting down, with very few resistance, while you are handling the computer and the phone...And how about a machine again custom made that works like the "threadclimber" where all you have to do is press with your legs while you are sitting down handling the computer and the phone...Again is not a bad idea...I think is a very good idea...Again you will have to study the way a human sits to design this machines...

A CHANNEL ABOUT PHYSICS/BIOPHYSICS/CHEMISTRY/BIOCHEMISTRY/MOLECULARCHEMISTRY/MICROBIOLOGY/BIOLOGY/MOLECULAR BIOLOGY/THEORETICALPHYSICS/COSMOLOGY/ AND A CHANNEL ABOUT NUTRITION/HEALTH/FITNESS/PEPPERED WITH SOME MEDICINE ON IT:  If you was to create a channel like this that will only have those i mention in the channel (two channels), you will raise/create geniuses in the long run, you may not think about it, but you will create geniuses or ELITE NERDS....All you had to do is apportioned 2 BILLION dollars to a bank and let the 120 to 140 million dollars from earned interest that you are going to get EACH YEAR powered 2 channels (60 or 70 million to each channel): the nutrition/fitness/health/withsome medicine on it CHANNEL and the biology/chemistry/biochemistry/organicchemistry/molecularchemistry/molecularbiology/microbiology/

theoreticalphysics/physics/cosmology/spacestuff/math etc/etc/etc CHANNEL....(you know for like nerds and fitness fanatics)...

Entry #117


time*treatComment by time*treat - April 15, 2008, 2:16 am
Pumpi, there is free software, and free web browsers that will let you view the pages and images in larger print. The quick easy way (just for text) is to hold the CTRL key and press + or - a few times. Also, there are settings somewhere in your operating system that will make every program show in larger print. Or you can buy a larger monitor :-)
justxploringComment by justxploring - April 15, 2008, 2:42 am
Time*treat, I don't know if everyone has this, but on the lower right of my laptop screen there is a blue cross (like a plus sign) that lets me zoom from 50% to 400%. I just need to click on it. (sort of like enlarging a .pdf file)

Pumpi, time*treat mentioned the web browsers. I have IE7 and Mozilla Firefox
You can change your font size by selecting view, and then text size with both of them. Look up to the top where it says "View" That's the fastest way without changing your display settings.

If you've ever watched the Oscars on TV they always mention a library of Arts & Sciences in Beverly Hills, California. They also have mentioned building museum dedicated to the movie industry. I just looked them up here: Library: http://www.oscars.org/mhl/index.html   
Museum Project: http://www.moviemuseum.org/
johnph77Comment by johnph77 - April 15, 2008, 2:54 am
In Windows XP, My Computer>Control Panel>Settings - In Resolution, move slide button to left - everything will appear larger the smaller the resolution numbers that you set, probably to a minimum of 640x480.
konaneComment by konane - April 15, 2008, 8:50 am
Using Firefox you can enlarge text by holding down the control button on your keyboard and rotating your mouse wheel. Best thing about Firefox is when you enlarge text it stays within the page side to side, so you don't have to manipulate your page back and forth to read like on Internet Explorer.

Opera has an enlarging feature which magnifies the entire page up to 1000% which is very helpful if your display settings are high resolution. I keep my video card display set at 1024 x 768 to see as much of the page as possible so those enlarging features on Firefox and Opera work really well for me.
Comment by pumpi76 - April 15, 2008, 2:20 pm
Something else that i think ought to happen in America is America needs to be cluttered, very cluttered with subdivisions...Subdivisions make a country look so beautiful....
justxploringComment by justxploring - April 15, 2008, 2:29 pm
Re: Subdivisions.   I don't think the farmers feel that way, Pumpi. :-)   What we need is less people & development and more national parks.

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