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An Idea i don't think no one has thought of...Submarines & Ocean Treasures


I am writing this because i don't think no one has thought of this idea...You know the great Powers of the world, they decomission Navy Submarines...And it had me thinking? How much does a submarine cost? 200 million, that is a decomissioned submarine...And it had me thinking...i read that there is either over or around 6 BILLION dollars worth of treasures in the bottom of the ocean...I don't even think a decomission submarine cost 200 million, but we will leave it at that...And i am thinking, why not get a decomissioned submarine, install on it a GROUND MAPPING, OR OCEAN MAPPING TECHNOLOGY that shows on a computer and the computer automatically stores the imagine i mean the kind of technology that Nasa and weather satellites have and cruise the oceans in search of treasures at the bottom of the ocean...Submarines cost a lot because of the missile technology they carry...But strip away all that from a submarine, and i bet a submarine will cost instead of 200 million it will cost more like 75 million...I mean there are richer individuals in the world who are billionaires and filthy rich who could afford such submarines prices....So why not? Is not a bad idea...With those decomissioned submarines you cruise the entire world in search of treasures...And about the crew? I am sure you can separte 3 or 4 million dollars and the 200,000 dollars can go to pay for the crew's income and of course if you find a lot of treasures, the crew who also helped you will get their fair share, of course also after you pay the price that the submarine cost....

Is not a bad idea...You circled the entire world and every corner of it and at the same time you map it...Everytime you find something that looks like a ship, you inform another crew who will be the rescue crew...And so you go....And you don't have to circle the entire world, just the areas that history tells you that there was a sinking ship or treasure....

Again i don't think this is a bad idea.... 

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