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Pick4 (1600 SAT) NOTE: Here is the wheel i was talking about...


Last Edited: April 18, 2008, 8:53 pm

Here is the website where you can find the wheels i was talking about on the Pick4 (1600 SAT) Part1, they are free:


the 6 number wheel for pick4 cost 15 dollars and the 9 number wheels cost 126 dollars...Again on some of them you will have to do extensive weeding out, that along with taking into account the "Sum Total Patterns for Pick4" Integrating the "Sum total Patterns for Pick3 into PIck4" on my previous blog and adding "Pick4 (1600 SAT) Part 1-5" into the equation....It will be good if you had a thinking supercomputer to do all the jobs have into account the constraints and wheel the numbers and at the same time weed the combinations that are not likely to come out...Again remember winning pick4 several times by betting 20 dollars straight on the combination is better than winning PIck5, you only win Pick5 ONCE in your lifetime...

look also at the abbreviated wheels because they too look interesting...

The only difficulty is that the wheels will not account for the times the numbers repeat for example 1223, there the number 2 repeated, while on 3419 the numbers did not repeat...

NOTE: Also look at the abbreviated wheel the number 3rd...The one with 10 numbers and 3 numbers guaranteed for 14 dollars entries...Well if you could use that wheel, (again i don't think they take into account when the numbers repeat), again if you could use that wheel and take into account the "Sum Total Patterns for Pick4" and integrate the "Sum total Patterns for Pick3" into Pick4 and sort of speak have in mind the Sum Total Patterns when using this wheel and sort of speak look for the right number that will match the "Sum Total" and that's due or is due on the next drawing and match that right number with that wheel, if you could do that you will do superb (this is also another theory)...If you do that you will be in good shape...And did i mentioned TNTea's OOEO combos types to have it in mind?....Again it will be superb if you had a thinking supercomputer to do it...

And what if that third abbreviated wheel, instead of spending 14 dollars (14 entries), you reduce it and spend 60 dollars? or even if you don't reduce it, how about if you spend 80 dollars? or 100 dollars (100 entries)?Do you get the point? 

Also what i just said on the previous paragraph you could apply it to a Pick5 permutation game (not regular pick5), i am sure they got abbreviated wheel for them, just that they don't want to show it to you...And i am thinking those abbreviated wheels should be cheaper for Pick5 permutation game (not regular pick5)....

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