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The Internet: What's better & Computer cameras to watch a house


Last Edited: April 22, 2008, 3:50 pm

THE INTERNET, WHAT'S BETTER: I THINK: i remember reading an article that the internet was millions and millions of computers connected together and that when you send an email it goes to every computer until it reaches its destination....Well that system is old...And not only that but is running out of space...And it gives me the impression for about 5 years now that everytime you send an email it got to go through streets wires and bundles of wires beneath the ocean..suppose the ligh goes off or the telephone system is down on a certain area, will they get the emails?...It also gives me the impression that when you send emails they reach to like an "airport" where in turn it sends by airplane carries (not actual airplanes but electronic carries)..Again i hope i am wrong and not right...This is what i say: "Keep the internet for bussiness" but for emails, create like a "Gigant Supercomputer" the biggest, baddest, meanest supercomputer or unite many supercomputers together that way when people log in to use their email, they are logging in to this supercomputer (or if is not a supercomputer it can be satellite)....So that the entire world the cables connect to this entire supercomputer, but again only for emails, not for the internet and bussiness, etc...That's what you should do...This way, people will be able to correspond better and if you have to send something across the atlantic, that it gets there...You can harness the power of connecting people or of the emails...What i am saying is you can make emails more efficient and let it be a separate entity from the internet...Or what you can do is make this supercomputer connected to the internet, that way when people want to use their emails they just go to a certain section of the internet and use their emails...And that's better....That way you will be able to track emails BETTER, because they went from one section of the supercomputer to another section of the same supercomputer, and when the emails are deleted the supercomputer or groups of supercomputers gets rids of the email trash...What i am saying is there are better ways to make the internet or world wide web more efficient and better...And not only that but you let the connected supercomputers sign their name which in turn is going to be check against the database population and you let one company handle the emails accounts this way there will not be no bureaucracy and it will be more efficient...You know what i was thinking? That because the internet when you send an email it goes to every computer until it reaches its destination (well actually not everycomputer but through computer routes), well suppose a master hackers builds a device (again a master superhacker, someone with wealth, not talking about your crapy people you call hackers) or goes through the phone lines and taps your internet connection through the phone lines maybe based on your ISP/IP adresss/number (have you seen that movie with Michael Douglas where he is working for the secret service (Sentinel the movie) How about the movie "Along Came a Spider, have you seen that movie? have you seen the part when he listens to the woman call someone, i known and suspected this for years before they ever made that movie) and reroutes every email you send to a desired destination, like a "intranet/ethernet/grid"with "exclusas/gates" allowing what he wants to go to his destination, just by the switch of a button? (this is more imminent than a hacker knowing your email passwords or your bank account information, i am not saying it can't happen just saying is more imminent)....Now supposes that happens? So is the internet efficient, and this can happened to anyone....Again this is what you should do...Again the company that handles this will confirm the information you put in to sign for an email account and then they send you a confirmation respond or they call you by phone...And if your information someone already has your account, you don't get an email account, you can call the company to check/clear with this incident....This is better than the current internet...I think this will reduce spam...Not only that but you will be able to better track email (i didn't say read them) than the current system...You know spam is a nuisance and IT IMPEDES INTERNET PROGRESS....

How come they don’t do this? Computer cameras in each house: Computer Cameras to stop house break in: Do you notice they got something like Youtube.com that stores a lot of videos right? Well why not have several computer cameras in each of the house rooms and they all feed to the computer...All you have to do is leave the computer "ON" when you leave the house (by the way i am giving you an idea where you can elaborate and take it a step further), well all the camers (this computer cameras cost like 10 dollars lol), you then have all the computer cameras feed to the computer with a password/encryption and in turn the file or program records what the computer camera saw or continues to record it but feeds it to a building that in turn stores what the computer saw for that day...And each day passed it deletes the computer cameras storage (because 2 past week storage is no use), you are only trying to catch house thieves red handed, so even if they steal the computer it will still feed to a building....I thought about this for a long time but i totally forgot...And this i think is cheaper than buying a watching camera for your house which can cost you like 20,000 dollars....I don’t know where is the computer nerd who hasn’t invented this...And the building resembles youtube.com...And how can this building work? Well how much money does it go into preventing house break in across America? 5 billion each year? Well you can take 1 billion or 500 million and create this building or youtube.com building....Remember they are only storing for the moments you "LEAVE YOUR HOUSE" not the rest of the time when you are at home....But again where is the computer nerd/programmer? I know is not a great idea, but there are more retarded ideas out there i heard, like using your skateboard and the wind to propel you...Or the cameras can be put outside the house to watch your perimeter....

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Comment by pumpi76 - October 2, 2008, 7:03 pm
with 20,000 the price of a regular camera how many computer cameras can you buy?
Comment by pumpi76 - October 9, 2008, 2:31 pm
With 20,000 dollars how many 10 dollars computer cameras can you buy? Talking about having a house riddled with cameras...
About the internet, the way i mentioned it will be better because then you will have a better way to protect the supercomputers emails....

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