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Sleeping with Headsets repeating numbers...


I heard of people having mental powers and dream numbers coming true...So i thought...Why not buy youself a walkman record yourself on a tape the number (you repeat the numbers over and over from like from 1 to 55 and record it, you know lotto6/55 or Powerball)....And then get youself some headsets and put them on when you go to bed you put them on but you set the volume real low.....

and you have pen and paper at your bedside just if in case you dream some numbers you can write them up...

specially the people with special mental powers or psychic people...

Entry #135


konaneComment by konane - April 27, 2008, 8:14 am
You're talking about two different things. First is taking your set of numbers and trying to project them to hit as the jackpot. Ok idea but about half the players are trying to do the same thing and cancel each other out.

Second, it's easier to go into meditation, sleep or remote viewing state and try to see the winning numbers. However, all people sometimes manage to see is confusion caused by the first group projecting their numbers out there as winners. Also if you're projecting your numbers out there as winners there is a greater probability those are the only numbers you'll dream, intuit, etc. which is no help.

Now maybe if someone were to find a quiet mountain cave to meditate in they'd have better luck intuiting or remote viewing!
Comment by pumpi76 - May 6, 2008, 5:34 pm
I mean before going to sleep or any time during the day beging talking to a tape recorder and beging saying loud: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0...Or if you want to continue all the way to 56 (mega millions) is O.K...You then take that tape that you recorded the numbers on the tape recorder and you place it on a walkman...Then at night, you put the head sets on and play it very low and hopefully this will induce you to dream of numbers...You do this every night and i bet once a week you will be dreaming about numbers...

Then in the morning when you wake up and hopefully if you remember the numbers have paper and pencil to write down the numbers...

But have to admit for this to happen you have to repeat the same numbers over and over, you literally have to record the entire tape that way when you go to sleep you will constantly hear it...But there are tapes that have only 90 minutes, while you need like a tape or cd that last, all night...

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