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5 Cents or 1 Cents for Filling Out Surveys...


5 CENTS or 1 CENT FOR FILLING OUT SURVEYS OR VOICING YOUR OPINION: There ought to be a website that all Americans can log on to, and they pay you like 5 cents or 1 cent for voicing your opinion...I am not talking about real voting i am talking about giving your opinion kind of voting...It could be like what store do you find more interesting...I think that's the best option instead of calling people randomly 4 times a day like the do in the U.S, and asking them question...That's as bad as sending unsolicited emails to people's email...Right now you write an email and you send it to 100 people that you don't know, even though the message might be important, and you will see how they try to prevent you from do in it because is consider spam or sending unsolicited emails...Yet everday, millions of calls are made to Americans phone asking you retarded question...I say there should be a system placed on everybody's computer, and they should pay you 1 cent for each opinion you make or voting on a survey (basically for filling up a survey)...I don't say there should be DIFFERENT websites where you can fill up surveys...NOpe i say there should be ONE websites that all it does is ask survey questions...An website that belongs to an organization that has encyclopedias of surveys...Not only that but they should install a system on phones like a button where if someone calls you and you think is spam or unsolicited call, i don't care if is survey, you press that button and that button reports that number and blocks that number from calling you again or simply it reports it to the authorities, which is better...

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