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Statement: If i Was Good At Predicting...


Last Edited: April 30, 2008, 4:20 am

Statement:    If i was good at predicting, like how i see predictors do on the prediction page, it i was good at predicting, specially pick4, i would had won Florida Mega Money already, and a couple of times a year...And how much will it had cost me to bet on Florida Mega Money? Around 8 dollars....

How? By deducing...What do i mean by deducing? You have to read one of my previous blog called: "One way to win Lotto6/55, Lotto6/42, Lotto6/44, etc Constantly....Sketch...."

You read that blog and you will know what i mean by deducing....But the difference is that you view "Florida Mega MOney" as a permutation Pick4 game by its ending digits....Example if: 7-8-24-40 MB: 2...And you correctly predicted 7-8-4-10 (considering you treat 0 (zero), as ten), then all you had to do with the 7-8-4-10 is deduce...Example of deducing:








you could use the following round which starts with: 17+, but

combinations that start with 17+ are so rare, you can eliminate them...

This example came up to 7 dollars..you then take 7 dollars multiply it by the mega balls you choose...If you choose 3 mega balls it will be 7x 3 = 21 dollars...But knowing me, i am going to pick 10 or 11 mega balls, basically half the mega balls (like all the evens or all the odds)....But 70 dollars is kind of expensive so get me a pool of 4 people (since i am going to get it a couple of times in 1 year) and we end up paying 18 dollars....Now ask yourself how many times in 1 year can you get Pick4 straight?, Remember if you get it straight, you will get the 4 numbers of Florida Mega Ball correct, all you have to huddle/paddle now is the Mega Ball...

If you get 5 people the price comes down to 15 dollars, very affordable...But once you win ONCE, don't go dividing the money between the 5, place that money in the bank, the 250,000 and then you can really go at it with better easy and be able to play more often...But the keyword is been good at predicting pick4...

The thing is that i am not good at predicting the way you all folks are...

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