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I have to get this off my chest


I have been a member at Lottery Post for years now.  I have made many friends here and there is a strong fellowship among the people that have visited here every day for years.

A lot of those old friends migrated from a site called Maybell's.  Maybell's failed and you know why?  One word....negativism; negativism towards each other and negativism towards the webmaster.

We do not want this site to fail.  We do not want to burn this webmaster out with petty BS.

If you are new here please read the rules; please use the Search option if you have questions; please read the instructions provided for all options; please be respectful to other members and most of all, please be respectful to Todd.  He is here to help, not be abused.

I've known Todd "electronically" for several years now and above all, he is a straight shooter and hard worker.  We may disagree on some things, but we always respect the right to disagree and maybe that's why I like the guy.

There are people here who would like to disrupt the harmony and flow of this site.  Get the "H-E-double hockey stick" out of here.  If you have a positive thing to contribute to the site then by all means stay and enjoy the site with the rest of us. 

When Maybell's failed we went years without a lottery site on the whole internet similar to the way Todd has it set up with predictions, potential payoffs, etc.  Todd has provided us this laboratory again.  PLEASE let's not screw it up.  The site is excellent as it stands and it has taken a lot of hard work for Todd to provide this for us.

This petty crap has to stop and there are a lot of serious members here that would agree with me....a lot of them pay to be here and enjoy the site not to see sarcasm and insults..  We're here for winning the lottery and the camaraderie that goes with the site, period.  If you don't like it, please be gracious and leave.


Entry #21


Comment by Rip Snorter - May 17, 2005, 3:46 pm
Hi Rick:

I agree Todd's doing a good job. Likely as not he knows whether it's good or not, knows how good it is. He also probably is confident enough to be able to keep at what he's doing here with a positive attitude, despite the trolls, the sarcasm, the unadulterated bs a person has to learn to tolerate on any DB. If not, this site will go down. There's no way to stop bs on the internet, whether it's spam email, trolls, discourtesy and flame wars on DBs, or just inane comments from DB users. It's the price of using the internet, the cost of posting on DBs.

I'd suggest, if you're actually concerned about these matters, that you step in to the threads where you see behavior you don't approve of happening, and say something on the threads about it. I visit this site frequently, and while I've seen some of what you are referring to, I honestly don't think the site is so rife with it that I'd consider it a problem.

Todd's doing a good job and the remainder of us are generally learning what we want to learn and having a good time. The tone of your post here suggests you aren't. Maybe it's time to stand off in the distance a bit and ask yourself how important the things are that you 'just have to say this' about.

Luck to you amigo.


ToddComment by Todd - May 17, 2005, 4:09 pm

Thanks much for your support. As always, you are a good friend, and someone I can count on.

Jack, I appreciate your comments as well, although Rick is just being supportive (with regard to your last para). I agree with your point about members stepping in to threads where someone is abusing the rules. There is nothing wrong with members defending their favorite site. Certainly even more so if they are a paying member.

webmaster LeRoyComment by webmaster LeRoy - May 18, 2005, 10:08 am
Rick G,

As a lottery webmaster myself I thoroughly enjoyed your complete heart felt sentiment written above.

And to all readers please do us all lottery professionals and amateurs alike the favor of being respectful and coureteous even when you don't agree with the method or means.

Webmaster LeRoy
Rick GComment by Rick G - May 18, 2005, 12:22 pm
Thank you, LeRoy. You got the message, I don't think Jack did.

Jack, as for my tone and happiness here, I am quite happy with the site and am not going "to stand off in the distance" as you suggest. The happiness that I was concerned about was for the webmaster, not mine or your's.   I support Todd 1000%. If you found my tone offensive, I apologize, but I calls 'em the way I sees 'em and my rhetoric can be a little blunt sometimes. However, I do not retract one word of my blog.

jordi mareyComment by jordi marey - September 29, 2005, 6:21 pm
I am a new member and I too love this laboratory concept and hope it remain positive and all about lottery predictions.

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