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Storm relief sent to... where?!?


Last Edited: May 12, 2008, 6:31 am

I've been reading about these violent storms we've been having over the last few weeks....
In one story, there were accounts of injuries and deaths in Missouri, Oklahoma, Georgia, & Arkansas, with property damage in North & South Carolina due to various tornados. Many people have been made homeless in all these places.

In another story, I read the U.S. gov't is begging the Myanmar(Burma) army to accept food, water, and medicine, after a cyclone (hurricane) hit. "28,000 pounds of supplies, including mosquito nets, blankets and water" sent after "prolonged negotiations", according to the story. Exactly what we get in return is not mentioned...

While I didn't pay the most attention in civics class, I don't recall seeing Myanmar/Burma on that list of the 50 states. Maybe it's in there with Puerto Rico & Guam? Lest you think the Burmese army is not doing its part, they are making sure to portray these supplies as gifts from the local army generals. "A gift to the Myanmar people from the most Hon. Gen. Whang Hang Low" etc, painted on the sides.

I think American 'help' would be best invested helping ... Americans. Maybe that's just the tinfoil talking.

Extra credit:
1) Find a world map or globe
2) Place 1 finger on Burma and another on ... Missouri
3) Take a dollar out of your pocket and answer the folowing... Where is this best spent and most likely to be used for its intended purpose?

An article in the Asia Times calling for a US military"intervention" in the name of humanitarian aid of Burma. Anyone remember a place called Somalia? BlackHawk Down, anyone?

from http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Southeast_Asia/JE10Ae01.html
The case for invading Myanmar
By Shawn W Crispin

BANGKOK - A unilateral - and potentially United Nations-approved - US military intervention in the name of humanitarianism could easily turn the tide against the impoverished country's unpopular military leaders, and simultaneously rehabilitate the legacy of lame-duck US President George W Bush's controversial pre-emptive military policies.

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