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Why not...Cars that do not go more than 85 miles per hour should cost less..


Last Edited: May 13, 2008, 6:46 pm

I was thinking, you know everyone will tell you than an automatic car is better than a stick shift car that's why stick shift cars cost less...And the samething with horse power, a car that has more horse power cost more and a car that has less horse power cost less...So i was thinking why not do it with speed...Most cars got what is it? 150 miles on their spedometer, yet most people don't drive that fast...And i thought why don't they make cars to go no more than 85 miles per hour cost less than the ones that can go more than 100 miles per hour....I think is fair....At least 2,000 dollars less...

This will in turn reduce auto theft, and police car chase....And not to mention the car accident deaths that they will prevent...

i mean who uses 130 miles per hour, unless you are been chased by mafia in some kind of movie like scenario with them shooting at you from behind...

And perhaps this will not be important in the U.S but around the world where the speed limit is less, because they use kilometers per hours and not miles per hour and for countries that are crowded..

those that want to drive more than 85 miles per hours which i think is like 100 kilometers per hours, should pay standard price for their car when they are going to the car dealer and those that want cars not to go more than 85 miles per hours should pay 2,000 dollars less....I think is very fair...

This way it will be optional...I say this because i bet 98% of women/females when they buy a new car they go by looks, they don't go by that crap of speed, horse power, etc...So females are paying standard price for stuff they don't use....And why is that...Specially if you live in a crowded citiy or a big city or suburbs....

And who in the hell uses stick shift cars nowadays, that's something of the past, yet they are still been manufactured...

I am giving you an idea where you can elaborate and take them a step further...

i say this because i think horsepower influences speed....

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Comment by pacattack05 - May 15, 2008, 8:39 pm
You can't cobat something that doesen't exist. Global swarming is a myth.

It's actually getting closer to the iceage period. Every 111,500 years, an ice age forms. We are currently at the end of the hot age. Therefore......an ice age folks.
Comment by MeFirstYouLast - May 27, 2008, 2:51 pm
Limit cars to 85 MPH, an save lifes? So 65 is not fast enough to kill people during a police chase? How about 55 as a limit? How about 45 as a limit. How about 30 mph for a limit? Once a politician gt a hold of a concept, there is no limit on how much they will recieve from far left environmental group, or the trial lawayers. That has always impacted a politicians. Moneyy equals power, power equals laws that are of no advantage!
Are you aware of the State Farm stats show that most accidents occur in urban neighborhoods, not on highways. People have a false sense of security, so they are less observant.
How about we ban cars all together? Think how much safer if will be. The carbon foot print would reduce to zero. Go back walking and horse drawn wagons for transport. Think of all the lifes we would save. More people are killed in automobile accidents the all the wars combined! If you really want to safe life, sell your car and start walking. Your grand children will love your for your concern for them.
How about going before your city council and banning all swimming pools. Are you aware that more children die in swiming pools than all other causes of their death - including guns? If you believe in saving children, you have to promote this idea. It is for the children!
Lets see. You have to give up your car, for the children. You have to ban swiming pools for the safety of children. Great ideas. Why doesn't it happen? Because Americans, having a choice, would rather be comfortable, then save a childs life. You have to admire "feel good" ideas. They make people, well, feel good. Don't do a damn thing, but the people feel good.

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