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The Closest & Perhaps Only way to win Florida's Mega Money Lotto..


Last Edited: May 15, 2008, 4:00 am

After careful consideration i realize that there might be a beacon of light that might be the only way to win Florida Mega Money Lottery game...

Here is the tactic...Is not perfect but if you look at it, with careful examination can be the same thing as winning Pick3 straight...There is a wheel at: http://www.justlottery.com/pick4-wheels.html

this wheel guarantees 1 ticket having 3 numbers out of the 4 if the 4 picked are in the group of 8...It will cost 6 tickets to play...To be specific you can find the wheel here:http://www.justlottery.com/wheel-definitions/4-4-3-8.txt

i took the time and wrote the wheel here: i hope i didn't make any mistake...







But that wheel is if the numbers don't repeat like 2234 or 5351...

YOur Job: If you view "Florida Mega MOney" as a permutation Pick4 game by its ending digits and not a combination pick4....Example of a Florida Mega Money Drawing: 7-8-24-40 MB 2....Now if you was to view that combinations by the ending digits as a regular pick4 you will view it like this: 7-8-4-10 (10 been zero)...And if you could correctly predict 7-8-4-10 (considering you treat 0 (zero), as ten), then all you had to do with the 7-8-4-10 is deduce...Example of deducing:








you could use the following round which starts with: 17+, but

combinations that start with 17+ are so rare, so you can eliminate them...The same thing with combinations that start with 12+, 13+, 14+, 15+, 16+ etc, etc, etc....This combinations are so rare....So you can eliminate them...Deducing normally comes out to be 7 to 8 dollars for Florida Mega Money, because the range is from 1 to 44....Example of ending digits: the Mega Money drawing: 3-16-22-39 MB 6 has ending digits of: 3-6-2-9....Do no count the mega ball (MB)....

Now remember the wheel i showed you above that uses 8 numbers and is 6 tickets to play...Well if you can start looking at ALL of Mega MOney Drawings as a Pick4 by its ending digits you will be doing good...Now if you can select 8 ending digits that you are sure are going to come out on the following Mega Money drawing and select 2 ending digits you are sure are NOT COMING OUT ON THE FOLLOWING DRAWING...Then all you have to do is plug those 8 ending digits into that wheel and let each number of the wheel replace a different ending digits...If you plug the ending digits into the wheel you are going to get one combination out of the 6 with 3 correct ending digits of the following drawing...But you are going to get them boxed...The 4th ending digits, there is a 1 in 10 chance that you will get it...

YOur job: If you can someone get the 4th number correct for the next drawing you will do superb...But you must first, remember you MUST FIRST order those 3 ending digits into the correct order, basically straight, because you are going to get them boxed....I think in 3 digits to get them straight or correct you are i think going to have 9 or 6 ways that you can order them (instead of the 24 ways for Pick4, and after your order those 3 numbers all you have to do with the 4th number is let it slide in place, all this by looking at previous draw history)...But you will have to look at previous drawings, specifically previous ending digits of Florida Mega Money game, which by this step you will have already done...If you can find a way to order them correctly and get the 3 numbers straight and get the fourth number correct, then you will have gotten the 4 balls correct....Now that you have that off the way, your best strategy considering that you want to make each bet affordable...YOu then once you have the first 4 numbers correct, all you have to do is deduce, like how i showed you, which should come out to be like 7 combinations/tickets....Now 7 combinations multiplied by 6 combinations of the wheel it will equaled: 42....Now the next step is to get the Mega Ball/Bonus ball correct and  i've considered it over and over and considering that you want to make the bet affordable the best thing to do is to play 5 Mega Balls...

The game has 22 bonus balls...Half of them will be 11, that will be 11 even and 11 odds...You choose your pick...Now you select HALF of the odd Mega balls or half of the Even Mega Balls....It should equaled roughly 5....Now 42 multiplied by 5 bonus balls it will equaled: 210 dollars...Again you will have to pool...I know is too much, but is the closest perhaps only way to win that game...And i've been looking at Florida Mega Money game, and half the time the ending digits repeat and the other half they don't repeat..Basically 1 day the numbers or ending digits repeat and the following day, they don't repeat...So basically 1 day you will get 3 of the 4 numbers in that group of 8 and the following day you will not...And like how i know you can select 2 numbers (ending digits) that are not going to play almost 70% to 80% of the time, it will not be hard...

If you think that this is harder than getting Pick3 straight, it is not....I've seen predictors in Lotterypost.com predict pick3 straight several times in 1 day withouth no help, yet you have the work cut out for you hear, all you have to do is order the 3 ending digits or numbers correctly into a straight pick4 combination and do everything you can to get that 4th number correct and you will be very close to winning Florida Mega Money several times....I say this because i've seen predictors talk about for example: Oh you know 33X hasn't played in a while, or 19X hasn't played in a while....This is the same thing, but you will win more...And once you win you can go at it again....

If you can have a software to do the job, it will be better...And if for some reason you don't get the Mega Ball and the 4th number, the 3 numbers without the mega ball pays: 65 dollars which you will have 5 times which will equal: $ 325 dollars....And if you do get the 3 numbers and the Mega Ball but don't get the 4th number it will pay 325 dollars plus 3 numbers and Bonus Ball which pays: 380 dollars totalling: 705 dollars...Again it will be the same thing as trying to get pick3 straight, except that you will have to be 210 dollars...But if you don't get the 3 numbers (ending digits) straight or even the 3 numbers (ending digits) straight, you will get the ending digits boxed....

Step19: Another tactic you can use is: you see the wheel that uses 8 numbers and cost 6 tickets to play that i mentioned above...Well since you are going to get the 3 or 4 ending digits boxed if in case you don't get them straight, you can go ahead and take 1 combinations out of the 6 combinations (SINCE 3 OR PERHAPS 4 OF THE ENDING DIGITS ARE GOING TO BE IN ONE OF THE SIX COMBINATIONS) and DEDUCE the combinations box several times to its maximum...This way you will have 1 in 6 chances of getting the 3 or 4 numbers correct...However i do not know how much does deducing box can come out but remember is going to be 7 combinations x the number of times it has to be boxed...This will be easier but i don't know how much it comes out to, but this is an area where you can research and perhaps take it a step futher....I call this step19....This should come out to be 7x 5 Mega balls = 35 dollars but if you play it against all the possible ways it can be boxed it should come out to more....I will say something like 35 x 4...

Step20: Now that wheel has 8 numbers and guarantees you 3 number out of the 4 for 6 dollar play....But you can always get yourself a wheel that uses 7 numbers and guarantees you 3 number out of the 4 which i assume will cost you like 3 dollars or 4 dollars to play this way you can take 1 combination out of the 3 or 4 and deducing box to its maximum repeating step19 again....This step, called step20 should come out to be 7 x 5 Mega balls should come out to be 35 but if you play it against allt he possible ways it can be boxed it should come out to be more, but less than step19...I think there is 3 or 4 box ways you can box deduce, so why not take one of them and just play it every day, each boxing (or boxing combination) been different....

And if you do this i bet the 3 numbers will not have 6 or 9 ways it can play, but instead like 4 ways it could come out.... 

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