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Cal Avg Sum Results As Of Tue 05-27-08


Results through Tuesday May 27, 2008. The Numbers appeared (three) in the Upper Tier Group of numbers, and (two) in the Lower Tier Group of numbers. This Matrix indicates MODERATE ALERT Status.

Note: We have a newly formed Sum Cluster for guidance to a viable Target Sum Parameter!

The capability of effectively looking ahead is governed by the appearance of two or three sums close together, a (Sum Cluster Alert), or four or more sums close together, a (Sum Cluster),  combined with the Alert Status of the currant sum posting.

These two conditions combined, while associated with a Favorable or High Alert Status, is the most effective means of selecting a reliable Target Sum Range for sum reduction.

When this does occur, as can be readily observed in the graph presented below, and the correct Tier Group of numbers is wheeled and reduced to the posted Target Sum Range, it is highly probable that multiple wins can be achieved up to and including the Jackpot.

The highest assurance of winning is to wheel both Tier Groups of numbers reduced to the posted Target Sum Range. Although this is the least economical approach to the wagering process, it can present the most effective results.

Once the total sum of the wheel is reduced to the Target Sum Range, further filtering can be applied while remaining within that range. This can be (high/low) filtering, and/or (even/odd) filtering, etc., while continuing to maintain the desired Target Sum Range.

This may be the most effective approach at wagering bets while attempting to maintain the integrity of the system and simultaneously managing cost at an acceptable level.

The Average Sum Expanded Graph is a significant integral of the StatPath-5 Lotto System.

These results prove that a (Target Sum Range) can be accurately established and predicted. This ability is essential for anyone desiring to wheel a large amount of numbers.

The second half of this equation is in choosing the correct group of numbers to wheel. The ALERT system provides accurate guidance based on a natural phenomenon discovered in 1994. Observe the graph below and view the occurances of four or more numbers appearing together followed by a repeat occurance of four or more numbers appearing together the very next draw, (highlighted in pink).

The ability of the StatPath 5 Lotto System to accurately track this phenomenon is a prime advantage provided by the system.

Avg Sum Exp Graph

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