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(The Difference) Pick4 Pattern that could work..But been kind of busy...


Last Edited: May 31, 2008, 5:44 am

There is a Pick4 Pattern that i think can work and it could help people...Basically is taking the difference between each draw and its preceeding draw...The result between those difference you take it and along with the draws that are not the current (history draws), you go eliminating them from your full box wheel of 10 numbers of pick4, leaving you with the numbers that are more likely to come up for the following draw...But you must treat 0 as ten when taking the difference...Example suppose 3535 played today and 7039 played yesterday, you would do this:


-  7039


= 4504

 would yield = 4504...You take 7039 and 4504 and those are 2 numbers that you can go filtering from a full box wheel of 10 numbers or whatever size full box wheel of your choice....Remember that a pick4 full box wheel has 210 numbers to play and it doesn't take into account when 2 numbers repeat...

So if you take the last 100 draws that played for pick4 and you take the difference between each of those 100 draws and the preceeding draw, you will have 200 combinations to eliminate from the 210 full box Pick4 wheel, leaving you with 10 numbers to play for the next day drawing....And something that i've learned don't know if it will work....When you take the difference you are taking the difference straight from the top draw to the bottom draw straight also...

But if you can take the difference of the 24 ways box or 12 ways box of the top combination/draw can play to the straight way the bottom draw and then you take the difference of the top straight draw against the 24 or 12 ways box the bottom draw has, you will have weed out a lot of draws leaving you with few draws from the next day drawing....This could also help you in getting closer to Powerball/MegaMillions if you view it as a pick4/0-9 + pick1/0-9 and you then beging to deduce if you read my previous blogs...

I would continue to elaborate but i am kind of busy...This past 2 weeks i've been busy....I am helping an old sunday school teacher, with a thesis, i've translated and written how the 1,000 most common words in English are pronounced in Spanish and i am passing them from handwritting to the computer so i can have it in my myspace page and been able to print them out to give copies to my friends here in Panama...They are actually 1,100 words...I am going by number 600th...Everyday from 2pm to 9pm i've been working with this person on his thesis...And i am kind of lucky because my aunt wanted me to help her with 2 research papers but she found her brother to help her...Is this 1,100 words that got me crazy...Whenever i finish them, i'll be stress free...And i got another theory for Powerball i want to post it here in my blog but been bussy...I check LP in my spare time...Whenever i am clear i'll post it....

Don't even have time to write on LDF (Lotto Digital Footprints) which is what i want to work on....Plus i am suppose to send 200 emails...I have the email written all i have to do is send it to 200 emails...

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