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Why Is Our Country So Backwards?


I am simply amazed at the US.  It is one of the main leaders in technology, healthcare, etc. but our country is so backwards it is frightening.  Other countries seem to be able to forecast things better than the US and they make appropriate changes beforehand.  For example, use of the police.  In our country the police are always running around doing traffic stops, writing speeding tickets. Some states seem to be just now using the camera technology which will free up some of those police from writing tickets.  That technology has been in use in Germany for well over 30 years.  Their police do not roll around wasting time writing speeding tickets.  Medical-many procedures are actually tested and used overseas before they get to the US (which may take 20+ years).  Our medical system is wicked.  I agree with Hillary.  EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD HAVE AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE!  I will talk mainly about Germany because I was there for about 10 years.  When people get sick or injured, they are able to go to the doctor and they don't have to worry about the bill.  They have been paying it ever since they started working.  They also get 6 weeks per year vacation-paid.  When they die, their funeral is already paid for.  Why can't our country get it together and at least give us affordable health care in the form like a type thing like social Security is set up?  We could begin making payments from the time we get our first job and continue until we stop some 65 years later and when EVERYONE has to pay it, it makes it cheaper for all.  I just don't understand it.  Well maybe I do.  M-O-N-E-Y!  Medicines here also cost too much.  When Walmart started the $2.00 perscription thing it really helped a lot of people and I am glad for that.  I have been tracking my husband's medicine for the past 5 years.  It has more than doubled in price because it is a life saving drug.  It started at 155.00 per month and now it is over 332.00 per month.  But in Canada, it is only about $125.00 per month.  So someone is making M-O-N-E-Y!

Schools-they need to bring back "the trades".  When a student graduates from high school, they should have a skill.  In Germany, they start them early. When they go to middle school, they start learning about different jobs and they must choose one career path before they leave middle school with the option to change 1 more time before they graduate from high school.  Our schools should be so focused.  Everyone is not college material but everyone should have a skill that they can do well.  I feel that lack of concentration on the skills/technical path contributes greatly to the drop out rate.   Being able to do something well increases self-esteem and when children like what they do in school, they will come everyday!   Our schools are being burdened with testing under the "No Child Left Behind Mandate".  You can test a child until they shut down.  When they shut down, it is over.  Why can't some of those tests be in automotive mechanics, carpentry, food service, masonry, healthcare, etc?  The testing now is all academically  focused but face it folks, everyone is not cut out for college nor does everyone want to go to college.  But with a careers path during high school and 2 additional years guaranteed (free) at a technical or trade school after high school-something like that will definitely help the drop out rate and help our kids actually be "ready to work"  when they finish. They will be armed with the confidence and know-how to get the job done. Programs like these exists in Germany and probably many other countries but not here-America get it together (we used to do something like this but gave it up because someone believes ALL children are college material)..the future of our country is at stake!

Gasoline consumption-why is GM not going to have an electric car until 2010?  Poor planning and not keeping an eye out for what is actually happening in the consumer market.  They closed 4 plants that made SUV's and the large trucks only recently.  They should have been ready for this day.  I wonder if Congress is going to "bail" them out again with our money?

How do you feel about some of these issues?

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Rick GComment by Rick G - June 5, 2008, 4:15 pm
A comment about gasoline-powered cars...many of us remember the oil embargo in the late '70's. Gas prices were high, there were lines around the block and even rationing. At that time the Big 3 knee jerked into action (as they are doing today) turning their focus to gas economy. There was much talk in those days of electric powered cars and other alternatives to the internal combustion engine. That was thirty years ago and they still haven't come up with a solution. Thirty years that automobile propulsion technology has stood at a standstill. Thirty years to prepare for this day and no one could (or would) do it. Compare this to computer technology advancements during the same timespan. You have to wonder if good old American engineering failed us or if they were thwarted in their efforts to pull us off the "oil teat".
Comment by pacattack05 - June 5, 2008, 7:48 pm
Rick, there are still trillions of barrels of oil beneath the crust. It's unfinished buiseness.

There are members in Washington who have invested in oil under the guise of some soul who was paid to buy the stocks and futures, therefore not revealing the true identity of the Washington official. Unfinished business.

Computer ttechnology doesen't have that vast reserve. It relies on someone or a few to come forth with technologies that make progress.

It's easier to bamboozle the masses with false oil crisis, than it is to use technology.

And of course, when anyone comes along with an engine that might take revenue away from big oil, watch out...!!!
ThinkComment by Think - June 5, 2008, 9:34 pm
"Gasoline consumption-why is GM not going to have an electric car until 2010? Poor planning and not keeping an eye out for what is actually happening in the consumer market. They closed 4 plants that made SUV's and the large trucks only recently. They should have been ready for this day. I wonder if Congress is going to "bail" them out again with our money?"

When did congress bail them out the last time?


"And of course, when anyone comes along with an engine that might take revenue away from big oil, watch out...!!!"

That does not even begin to make sense. I don't believe the conspiracy theories about oil companies supressing high mileage engines/carbs/or anything high mileage Because all the oil companies would have to do is raise prices and sell their product for a longer time. They would love 500mpg cars because they could raise the price per gallon 500/25=20 times and just sell gas for a longer period of time!

What? You're getting 500mpg? Good, gas is now $80 per gallon and we can sell it for a longer time! Anyone who believes that oil companies are surpressing high mileage technology just does not have a logical and clear thought process.
ToddComment by Todd - June 6, 2008, 11:00 am
The USA has the best healthcare in the world. Socializing it will make health AND this country worse for everyone.

You can either have *great* healthcare with our system, in which you need to *work hard* to get your health care, or you can have *crappy* health care given to your by the government, in which on the very rich can travel to other countries to get the good health care they need for serious health problems.

Of course, the other side-effect of socialized health care is that the economy will go further in the tank, because you can't pay for something with nothing.

The solution to the energy crisis?

Vote people into office who will vote *yes* to more drilling, *yes* to more nuclear powerplants, *yes* to new refineries, and then *after* those things are in place, *yes* to lots of funding for non-bio-fuel alternative energy programs like hydrogen and fusion technology.
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - September 1, 2008, 6:10 pm
Current electric cars do not really help the requirement for fossil fuels, they just offset that to the power grid, which still uses polluting technologies. With energy deregulation around the corner, it won't be any cheaper either... The oil companies need to be prevented from threatening and killing inventors who have viable alternatives.

Healthcare in this country SUCKS, it is a business... period. I don't need a Micheal Moore film, I have several relatives and friends in healthcare (from nursing to administration). stories of billing practices and tests that docs are paid NOT to run would make you sick. Nationalized healthcare worked in every country that has it.

This country is great for about 1% of the population... the rest of us are victims of what I like to cal "Distributed Indentured Servitude", only instead of working for one debt, you pay outlandish prices for new cars and homes, they stick you with the evil I's (Interest & Inflation) so you are too busy working to stay afloat that they get away with whatever they want... people should have been drug out in the street and executed for the oil prices...

Anybody remember history? what followed indentured servitude (right here in our own country)? The working class is on the chopping block, we will either become corporate slaves or rise up... because the math simply doesn't see the current situation as sustainable... Which side of the fence will you land on?

The revolution is inevitable.

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