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One way to win Lotto6/55 & Powerball Constantly Part3


Last Edited: June 10, 2008, 12:59 am

This is a sketch/rough draft...PLEASE READ THOUROUGHLY FOR I ADDED MORE STUFF....
Assuming you had a considerable amount of money on you...You go to a foreign country, specially a very poor country or a third world country and you build a free lottery, specifically a Pick3, but a pick3 that plays 2 times every drawing and there is 2 drawings every week, just like lottery here in the U.S.A...You don't tell anybody what is actually about, or you can tell people that is based on the lottery you are trying to win...You are not going to tell them that you want to win the lottery...This sort of reminds me of the poor workers that work on foreign countries doing handbags for 30 dollars a month, while the gucci bags sell for 200 dollars somewhere in the world...
Let's take the Florida and Texas lotto which is a Lotto6/53 and Texas lotto is a Lotto6/54:
You then create this free lotto website....
One thing you can do is you tell the people that play this free lotto website that for winning it "STRAIGHT" they will get a laptop (of course when you win morality tells you that you should give them something more, like 50,000 dollars in the form of a sweepstake)....
Here is ONE texas lotto drawing: We are going to use Texas Lotto as an example: http://www.txlottery.org/export/sites/default/Games/Lotto_Texas/Winning_Numbers/details.html_1102963669.html
The winning numbers were: 15-20-37-38-39-43
Now you take the first 3-ending digit of that drawing and the last 3-ending digit of that drawing and you post them as the pick3 results of that free lottery website, which are 5-0-7 (from 15-20-37)...And the last 3-ending digits are 8-9-3 (from 38-39-43)....You then post the first 3-ending digits results on first colum along with the previous first 3-ending digits results on the left hand side....On the right hand side you post the last 3-ending digits results...You can also separate them by days saying that the first 3-ending digits results play on a certain day (you can even give it a different names), and that the last 3-ending digits results play on a different day (as long as is before the actual texas lotto drawing...If you want you can tell them where the numbers come from but DO NOT tell them why you are doing this...To be fair you should give them a portion of your winning to them like 15% - 20%....
You then ask that the maximum amount of tickets someone can play is 5 (i don't know you may want to give them 10)....You also ask each one of them that they must match the numbers "STRAIGHT" and not boxed, which is kind of ironic because the price of a laptop is 2,000 dollars, and the NATIONAL LOTTERY OF PANAMA is a Pick4 (not a Pick3 a lot more harder than a pick3) and you must match the numbers "STRAIGHT" and if you win, you win 2,000 dollars....Now based on the number people give you, because i know they are going to do their best and do all sort of crazy calculations to come up with the winning numbers...It will be better if you play the winning numbers of the 2 pick3's 3 days before the actual texas or whatever game you want to win plays, that way it will give you time to buy the tickets....
Now based on the numbers people submitt for first 3-ending digits you gather them, harvest them sort of speak and you pair them up with the numbers people submit for the last 3-ending digits....You even give people of this countries Pick3 full and abbreviated wheels you post them on the website.....
Now remember the winning numbers for Texas (15-20-37-38-39-43)....Now suppose you do get someoen that submitts the numbers 5-0-7 and someone that submitts the numbers 8-9-3 and you pair them up and you get 5-0-7-8-9-3....All you have to do is deduce (it will be nice if you had a custom made software for this) but again all you have to do is deduce....
so let's take 5-0-7-8-9-3 deducing the numbers you can possibly get are (remember you treat 10 as "zero" (0):
5-10-17-38-39-43    3/6 = 5 dollars
5-10-27-38-39-43    3/6 = 5 dollars
5-20-37-38-39-43   5/6 = 2,800 dollars - 5,000 dollars
5-20-37-38-39-53   4/6 = 57 dollars - 70 dollars
5-20-27-38-39-53    3/6 = 5 dollars
the following round:But before you continue you should know that combinations that beging with 14 + are very rare combinations they rarely play so you can eliminate them from your repertau....
15-20-37-38-49-53  4/6 = 57 dollars to 70 dollars
15-20-37-38-39-43  (BINGO = JACKPOT)
15-20-37-38-39-53  5/6 = 2,800 dollars to 5,000 dollars
15-30-37-38-39-43   5/6 = 2,800 dollars - 5,000 dollars
15-30-37-38-39-53    4/6 = 57 dollars to 70 dollars
15-30-37-38-49-53     3/6 = 5 dollars
Not only that but the numbers you deduce you can put constraints on them...Constraints by SUMS (Sum totals), Even over odds (E/O), is up to you....
I am going to color code in color blue the 5/6, 4/6 and 3/6 matches...
You then open up a website on another country, i don't know the U.S.A, and you sell this numbers to people and you tell them that this numbers are the most maximized numbers ever...And you give 20 numbers to each subscriber, but you charge them really high, like 40 dollars a month, and if you get winners constantly, you beging to charge them 60 dollars a month....Now take that 5,000 people joing your website and they all pay 40 dollars a month, that will be: 200,000 every month...In a year you will get 2 million 400,000 dollars....
If you don't know what a pick3 is, pick3 is a lottery game that selects 3 numbers from 0-9, while Pick4 selects 4 numbers from 0 to 9....Pick3 has 1,000 total combinations, while pick4 has 10,000 total combinations...
Is also funny because Pick3 in the States "Straight" doesn't pay 2,000 or a Laptop....And it doesn't have to be 2,000 dollar it could be more or less, however you want to set it up...But i think you should give them 15% to 20% if you win...Because is not fair...
But you must let people pick their own numbers, not no quick picks or computer picking the numbers for them...Not only that but you can place a theory on the website of the free lottery Pick3...Which is: that in PIck3 when the numbers play on one 1 drawing the following drawing normally if the numbers don't repeat (by don't repeat i mean, example 124 or 613, numbers repeating will be 221, 313), the following drawing it will not have any of the 3 numbers that played previously...Again you give them full and abbreviated wheels on the free lotto website...You can even give them ways to look at the lottery, like theories/ideas on the free lottery website and you post a way to look at pick3 numbers which is: 5 and 0 = 5; 1 and 6 = 1; 2 and 7 = 2; 3 and 8 = 3; 4 and 9 = 4....If you notice on Pick3 combinations like 949 never play (or anyway boxed), they are very rare, so are 449 or 994 (or anyway boxed), 338 or 883 (or anyway boxed), 161 or 661 never play (or either way boxed) so are 227 or 772 (or anyway boxed)....You also provide them with filters...And you provide them with theories on combinations sums".....Sum is the total of the numbers added...
Now that was texas lotto, but Florida Lotto has this:
"FLORIDA LOTTO™ gives you millions of reasons to play – twice a week! With just $1, you can play for the base jackpot. For $2, you can play for the base jackpot plus an additional $10 million; and, for $3, you can play for the base jackpot plus an additional $25 million!* The choice is yours."
And that's lotto6/54 or 6/53 how about lotto6/42 like Win For Life....Where do you get the money to pay the people that get the numbers straight on the third world countries or foreign country...You place 2 million in the bank and the 100,000 dollars from earned interest go to pay them....Something to consider...No country in the world is going to place a Pick3 lottery game and pay 2,000 as jackpot, the most they will pay is 500 dollars like they do in the North America...Now you can't compete with the state so you are probably bound to pay 300 dollars straight or 200 dollars for straight...Specially in a place where the value of the currency is very poor....If i was you i will say on the free lotto website that you will like to pay 2,000 but that you are bound by law to pay less than 300 dollars so as to not compete with the the State/Country's lottery...
YOu can do the same thing with Powerball/MegaMillions...All you had to do is build the website and use MegaMillions/Powerball ending digits, but this time you treat the first 3 ending digits of MegaMillions/Powerball as a Pick3, while its pair sister game is a Pick2 just like pick3 from 0 to 9 but instead of selecting 3 numbers you are going to select 2 numbers....Let's take one MegaMillion drawing:
04- 21-46- 53- 54  MegaBall 26
you then select 416 as the pick3 drawing or the first 3 ending digits and you place it on the left hand side as a pick3 result...On the right hand side you post: 3-4 or the second 2 ending digits as a pick2...Now you can say that for matching the first 3 ending digits or Pick3 you get i don't know 30 dollars...And you can say that if you match the first 3 ending digit or Pick3 "STRAIGHT" not boxed along with matching the second 2 ending digits straight they get paid: 2,000 dollars or 4,000 dollars is up to you....And where will the money come from to pay those people's jackpot? from 2 or 3 million dollars placed in the bank and the 5% or 6% earned interest will go to pay people for matching the numbers....Are you going to lose those 2 or 3 million dollars? Nope you are not, they are just going to sit in the bank....You can say that if they match the second 2 ending digits they get paid 2 dollars, again is up to you...So if people match the first 3 ending digits along with the second 2 ending digits all of it straight they win: 2,000 dollars or 4,000 dollars in the free lottery website dollars, is up to you how much you want to give them, plus they will win a 30,000 dollar check if you win the second prize of MegaMillions/Powerball, but if you win the first prize which is going to be like 30 million on average, then that person that sumitted the pick3 + Pick2 numbers will win 100,000 dollars...Is up to you how you want to set it up...And if you notice creating a Pick3 (first 3 ending digits) + Pick2 (second 2 ending digits from 0-9) in MegaMillions/Powerball is easier than trying to match 2 PIck3 at the same time in a Pick6 like in the case of Florida Lotto6/53...Tell me if such a payment will not spurs people to play your game that you have as a free lotto in a foreign country...Not only that but you can provide those people that play your free lotto game you can provide them with wheels for pick3 and for pick2, you can teach them what lottery wheel is, teach them tactics, strategies, techniques all in a separate pages linked to the free lotto website....You also tell them that the maximum tickets they are allow to play in that free lottery website per draw is 10 or 12 or however you want...Then every input they place on the website you record it and play it here in America in Powerball/MegaMillions by deducing...I hope you know by now what is deducing in the lottery....And deducing for Powerball/MegaMilliions doesn't come out more than 20 tickets...And remember in Powerball and MegaMillions combinations that start with 14+, 15+, 16+, 17+, 18+, 19+, 20+ are very rare so you can eliminate them from the combinations thus leaving you with like 20 to 25 tickets to play...Or what you can do if you can afford to play the combinations is open up a prediction website here in America where you charge people 5 dollars to join you then deduce the numbers for Powerball and Mega millions and those 20 or 25 numbers that you are going to get from deducing you can give it to the people that get the numbers in the prediction website here in the U.S.A...Also you stipulate in the prediction website you ask people that if they win the first prize jackpot of severa dozen millions or hundred millions to give 75,000 or 100,000 dollars to the people of the foreign country that help them win you can stipulate it in the prediction website and make people sign an agreement right there in the website or if they win the second prize of Powerball/MegaMillions that pays i think is 150,000 or 200,000 ask them to give 25,000 dollars to the people that gave those numbers...You can also explain to people how you get the numbers or all the process you do...Now if 5,000 people join the prediction website you got here in America (that's 100 people from each of the 50 states) at 5 dollars a month, you are going to make 25,000 a month...If 10,000 people join your prediction website here in America (that's 200 people from each state), then you will be making 50,000 dollars a month, and in 1 year you are going to make 600,000 dollars....Better than winning the lottery...Plus you are going to have your 3 million dollars in the bank never losing them, just letting them sit earning interest....The free lotto website you can go to AFRICA, central America, Asia, the Middle East, is up to you...And about the prediction website if you have 5,000 people you can always charge 10 dollars a month, and you will get 50,000 dollars a month...But you have to find out if all of this is legal...YOU don't end up losing anything...But one thing you will have to do, is before you start the free lotto website in the foreign country from the 5% or 6% earned interest from the 2 or 3 million dollars, take the first year of interest and buy all the internet security you can for that free lotto website, because if a hacker breaks into that website you are in trouble...Then the second year you can use it to pay the free lotto website jackpot that people win....I'll like you for you to see the South Carolina Pick4 drawings: http://www.sceducationlottery.com/games2/3winningnumbers_pick4.asp
Check on the left side how many "STRAIGHT" WINNERS they were? And that's daily, but you are playing it twice a weeek which is how many times Powerball & MegaMillions play...All you had to do now is wait for when they match the second 2 ending digits (Pick2) and bingo....They are going to match the Pick3 (first 3 ending digits) almost every drawing, there is going to be like 5 on average pick3 straight match....Actually i believe there is going to be MORE on the free lotto website on the foreign country, because most Americans that play pick4 play QUICK PICKS and they play 1 or 2 dollars worth of it per drawing...The difference between the Americans and the people in the foreign country is that they will play maximum 12 tickets per drawing and they will be equiped with wheels, systems, strategies, ideas, and if you provide them with a free lottery software on the lotto free website it will be even better....Now that's the different...Becareful you don't get Pick3 + Pick2 every drawing...This will mean the second prize every MegaMillion or Powerball drawing....And all you need to do is publicize in your website that you have correctly predicted 3 second prize MegaMillion or Powerball drawing and bingo you will see the crowd of people wanting to join your prediction webste in America....And if 10,000 people join your prediction website and they pay 10 dollars a month, that will be 100,000 dollars every month...YOu will make 1 MILLION 200,000 dollars EVERY YEAR...Also something to your advantage...Remember the example i showed you above of deducing with the Texas example? Remember this numbers from the example above where i began to deduce? Remember this numbers 5-0-7-8-9-3?
Well remember that i deduced and it came out to be 21 dollars/tickets? Well it came out to be 21 tickets because is basically 2 Pick3's....But MegaMillions/Powerball is 1 Pick3 + 1 Pick2 (0-9), so because Powerball/MegaMillions is not 2 Pick3's put together is going to come out less than 21 tickets, i don't know how much is it, but it might come out to be 15 tickets, perhaps 12....YOu can always take this 15 tickets if in facts it comes out to be 15 tickets, and multiply it times 7 bonus ball, you select the most common bonus balls and it will come out to be 105 for 15x 7 = 105....And you then take those 105 and give it to the people that subscribe to the prediction website in America at 20 tickets each person....Or you can always multiply it times 14 bonus balls that comes out to be 210 tickets and give each person 20 tickets a piece, remember each of those 15 tickets is going to be the second prize winning of Powerball/MegaMillions the thing is which one is going to be the first prize that pay dozens of millions of dollars...One suggestion...If you select 14 bonus balls select either all 14 even bonus balls or all 14 odd bonus ball but do not select a mix of both....Remember if you select 14 bonus balls that's going to be 14 tickets each having second prize winners of Powerball/MegaMillions not counting if you have the winning ticket....And remember it only takes 2 or 3 second prize winners for people to start getting to your website...Now imagine if you get several times the second prize not to mention the first prize...
Let's deduce for MegaMillions...Here is one drawing: 08- 28-37- 53- 55  MegaBall: 26
Now the ending digits are: 8-8-7-3-5...Let's us now deduce:
8-28-37-53-55 (BINGO; JACKPOT)...
If you notice it only came out to be 10 numbers...LOL...We can continue with the combinations that start with 18+ but those rarely play so we can eliminate them....So if you play 10 times 20 mega balls which is kind of like almost half the bonus balls you are likely to get the MegaBall, if you select only the evens or only the odds but not the odds and even mixed together...And if you do this you are going to have 20 tickets having the second prize of MegaMillions/Powerball which pays 250,000 dollars...YOu announce that on your website and you can ask the winners; your subscribes to take a picture of the ticket and you put in on your website and you can imagine....
For point of clarity, bonus ball and mega ball is the same....It just means an extra independent ball.... 
Also another pattern you can add that is very important...Pay attention...One pattern you can add on the free lotto website on the foreign country is that the second 2 ending digits (the pick2 from 0 to 9), welll you can tell them that the first digit of the second 2 ending digits can be chosen to be larger than the second digit, or that the second digit can be chosen to be larger than the first digit always considering "0" zero as 10.....Another pattern you can teach them to make better selections/predictions is that you can also mention on the website as a strategy the on the Pick2 (second 2 ending digits), that the first ending digit normally is not the same as the second digit and another pattern is that on the Pick2, the first ending digit, normally is not the preceeding number of the second ending digit...By this i mean, if you have 3 as the first ending digit of the Pick2 then you are not going to have 4 as the second ending digit of the Pick2 and viceversa so that if you also have 3 as the second ending digit of the Pick2 you are not going to have 3 as the first ending digit of the Pick2...Have in mind that Powerball/MegaMillions is comprised of 2 kind of game, a Pick3 and a Pick2....Pick3 are the first 3 ending digits and Pick2 are the last 2 ending digits...Also another pattern that you can use on the Pick2 of Powerball/MegaMillions is the difference between the firs ending digit of the Pick2 and the second ending digit of the Pick2 and viceversa without negative/substraction sign, the number you get is going to be the difference number...And you tell them that each difference number will not repeat on the following drawing and if they look back at 4 drawings they will notice that the difference number is going to be different....Plus you tell them to look at the even pair up with the odd or EVEN/ODD ratio...If you notice 2 odds together are very unlikely to come out on the Pick2 same thing with 2 even digits...Remember all this is under the Pick2, not the Pick3....YOu show them this on the free lottery website in the foreign country under the topic of strategies/tactics, etc to win the game / get the numbers correct...
But it doesn't end there, you can use TNTEA'S Golden Goose Egg for Powerball and use TNTea's
2-2-1 combos when DEDUCING for Powerball/MegaMillions....And if you had a supercomputer you could add "TNTEA'S OEOOOE combos....
Basically TNTea's that you divide Powerball range into 3 sections....For example Powerball is from 1 to 56 so you can say 1-18 is the first group, 19 to 37 is the second group and 38 to 56 is the third group...Now suppose Powerball play 5-12-22-36-49 the first 5 balls...then it will be 2-2-1.....If 6-23-30-46-52 had play for the first 5 balls for Powerball then it will had been 1-2-2 and so on....
If you get to predict Powerball as a Pick3 + Pick2 and you finish deducing you can then select the particular 2-1-2 or whatever type and reduce what you deduced further, and then you will be able to win Powerball....
And not only that but predicting TNTea's
2-1-2 types can help you further choose the numbers when treating Powerball as a Pick3 + Pick2 and viceversa...For example if you know what 2-2-1 type of whatever combo to use it can give you a clue as to what Pick3/0-9 combination to use and what Pick2/0-9 combination to use when treating Powerball as a Pick3+ Pick2....
And you don't necesarily have to pick Powerball as a Pick3/0-9 + Pick2/0-9 you can pick it as a Pick4/0-9 + Pick1/0-9.....
You can also give this to the website that you will have in a foreign country or you can use it yourself...
Here is "TNTEa's Pick5/39 Schooling" is for Pick5 but you can apply it to Powerball, all you have to do is divide Powerball into 3 sections....
TNTea's Pick5/39 Schooling is the same thing as "TNTea's Golden Goose Egg for Powerball"
All you need now is a Pick3 abbreviated wheel that guarantees 2 numbers out of the 3 using 10 numbers and work on it and try and see what you can predict, or you can do it the hard way and use a Pick4 abbreviated wheel that guarantees 3 numbers out of the 4 using 10 numbers and work on it....or you can also do it another hard way and you can try and predict Powerball regularly as Pick3 + Pick2/0-9 or as Pick4 + Pick1/0-9....
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Comment by pumpi76 - June 10, 2008, 1:11 pm
And all you had to do is get the wheel and ad it to a software and let the software randomly produce the wheel...By randomly produce i mean produce the number of the wheels randomly....

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