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My first wheel


I never thought I'd see myself writing these words. 

A while back I realized I was being a piker, violating almost every rule I've ever made for myself about life, gambling and risk-taking.  I got into playing the lottery by the route I described on the Mystical Forum in the thread entitled, "A strange experience".  I told myself I'd limit my expenditures to $20 per draw.  I believed I ought to be able to distill the numbers eventually to allow me to cover them with 20 tickets.

But I've seen over and over again that, though I might hit a number or three, the next level up in my distilling processes would have left me with 18 to 25 numbers, but usually with four or five of them being 'right'.

So I've decided to go it root hog or die, the way I've done just about everything else in life.  My first wheel was taken from the abreviated wheels available on LP.

A few days ago I purchased a shiny new platinum membership, mainly for the availability of draw histories and wheels, feeling a bit grudging about it, at first, but now I'm flying high.

After seeing what Todd's made available in the statistics, custom histories and whatnot, I'm shocked in a positive sort of way.  I had no idea what sorts of information were out there for those foks who bought platinum memberships.

Todd, I think if you'd hang what's available out there with a neon sign on it, you'd find a lot more people bought in.  I'd have done so a lot earlier if I'd taken the trouble to find out.

Great job you're doing.  Thanks, amigo,



I posted this an hour or so ago, discovered just now that I'd made it private.  Cut and paste is the greatest invention of the 20th Century, thinks I.


Entry #32


ToddComment by Todd - May 24, 2005, 11:13 pm
Wow, thanks! I appreciate hearing about your experience - it really helps me understand what I need to do better. Also, I'd love to hear how your wheels go after you give them a few tries. (i've personally had some good luck with them.)

By the way, there is a little checkbox that will let you swicth a Blog entry from Private to Public and vice-versa as many time as you wish, so no need to copy & paste!


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