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Blog Social Uitility Network: I don't know why there is not a social utility network where all people do is blog, they get unlimited blogging, and if they want they can post pictures with those, or post pictures and captions below but that the caption is unlimited, and people can leave comments of what they think, such a website will be soo cool...There is no such thing on the internet...I typed the word www.blog.com on the address bar and nothing comes up....But with limits on them, you can say for example that despite is limitless blogging you are only allow 3 blogs per day....And that there be all types of blogging, religious, computers, sports, etc, etc, etc This is very important because it offer experts input and knowledge by common people...There should be all kind of blogs, kind of like newspapers...There should be: Sport blogging where sports fan are welcome to blog but only have 3 pages of blogging per day, or anything, media blogging, politics blogging, chemistry blogging, gambling blog, SEX blog, math blogging, all this blogging beign separate websites...This is why i don't think you should have to pay for blogging...They got websites that expect you to pay for blogging and i disagree..

I typed www.blogs.com and what came up was: http://www.typepad.com/pricing/

And notice their pricing? they are charging 89 dollars for bussiness class type set up blogging and 800 for a year fee? ARe you KIDDING ME TO BLOG?...What do i say? throught the power of a pyramid gather 10,000 people let the each pay a 1 fee of 150 dollars once a month for 2 months and they will have 3 million dollars...With 1 of those 3 million dollars you can start a free blogging website for everyone free....I know you may say? Oh myspace.com and facebook.com have them but is not the same myspace and facebook is mainly about putting picture and not about blogging, you can't even see the blogs...It will be kind of like a forum but of blogging...With those 3 million you can create 3 different blogging companies, one for sports, one for politic or whatever your liking...

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