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Atom Smashers...Why are they not considered a Terrorist Nation like Iran


Last Edited: June 29, 2008, 2:20 am


some of you already have heard about that atom smasher in i think is swizerland, it has already been said that such action could cause a rupture in the fabric of space or possibly create a black hole, like the one we have in the center of out galaxy is not enough and that we have 1 in 3 trillion chances of been swalloowed up by it....Like that's not enough....And i am thinking why isn't this group considered a terrorist group or terrorist nation like Iran becuase of the stuff they are doing....

I don't think no human been in this planet wants to travel into the deep corners of the universe like i do and yet we have plenty of time...We have 4 billion years until the Sun goes out, i don't know what's the hurry, we have lived i think is 10,000 years of civilization and since the last human walked this earth has been 90,000 years or 150,000 years can't remember....

If iran creates a nuclear weapon and uses it it may obliterate Israel and parts of the middle east...If this experiment goes wrong it will obliterate the entire solar system and jupiter along with it a planet that is 50 times larger than the earth...

just wanted to throw this in there, if in case you didn't know there are planets 50 times bigger than jupiter...

What was it in the 50's they were scared of communist invading America to die like this...just because you are gay...

Not look at that machine...Why scientist don't get together and create a huge machine like that but something like a Gigantic Stock Market for the Poor, something like a Lotto Stock Market or a Gigantic Game or a Gigantic Stock Market for the poorthat will cost 25 cents per ticket and that will impact the poorest humans....For the Stock Market is only for the rich...U.S you need to be in the forefront of this Gigant Stock Market, Gigant Games, Gigant Lotto Stock Market for common people FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD....You are lagging behind....
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